Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Greg Oden has a big decision to make....should he stay in college one more year to try and win a national title....or say one god-damn sentence to the world and instantly become a 100x millionaire......

Ok, this is where I would give the 7' foot, 280 pound beast a dick tap and run away. I am clueless as to why Greg Oden didn't rip off his college jersey after he lost the national title game...and invite as many college b*tches as he could find back to his Trump Tower suite. Buddy, you're gonna be disgustingly rich.....absolutely filthy rich. What the hell is your problem? College will always be there. Take a look at the Shaun Livingston replay, and tell me how you'd feel if you tore every ligament in your knee next year, you stupid bastard. I don't even want to hear the argument about how college is fun...and that it's a once and a lifetime experience. Boo f'n hoo! You know what else is a once and a lifetime experience....orgies...unless you make 100 million dollars and have Two-a-Days-like Hoover High. Take the money, the fame, and become one of the best shot blockers the NBA has ever seen. You will get more money, power, and women than you ever dreamed of. I can't believe I'm even sitting here arguing this point....but it really chaps my a$$ to think that someone would even need to stop and think about this decision.

Mr.'s grow up time buddy. Make your announcement....then go right to the local drug store and stock up on KY Jelly and a 64 pack of Trojan Magnums. That will probably last you until the end of the enjoy.

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