Thursday, April 12, 2007

J. Lo = Pedro

As a lifetime achievement tribute (coupled with the fact that I could no longer stand to look at Crystal Mangum's mug as our lead story), I would like to recognize Jennifer Lopez...and her assets.

Much like Pedro -- whom isn't the greatest pitcher of all time, but who's prime years can only be compared to the likes of Sandy Koufax...J. Lo may not be the best looking woman of all-time, but when in her prime (a good 5 years ago)...there was nobody better! Her best career decision? None other than shaggin' up with the mogul which is P. Diddy.

Think about it...from 1997-2003 (excluding his injury-riddled '01 season), Pedro was "can't miss" television every 5th day. During those years, he only once compiled an ERA above 2.39 -- in the heavyweight AL East, no less.

And, while in college...I felt the exact same way about J. Lo. Every time she showed that money-maker on television, I would unquestionably drop whatever I was doing to take a moment to drool.

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