Sunday, April 8, 2007

Reality TV's Starting 5

The below blog about "Hoopz" got me thinking about other Reality TV firecrackers. The end result...a constructed team that I'd be willing to go to battle with!

My starting 5 includes (in no particular order):

* Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander, Flavor of Love (1st picture from above)
* Mallory Snyder, Real World (2nd picture from above)
* Brandy Collins, The Contender (the girlfriend of Ahmed "Hollywood" Kaddour, 3rd picture from above). I, literally, searched high-and-low for other pictures of Brandy - because this photo doesn't even begin to due her justice. Believe me, Brandy is gorgeous! I was head-over-heels in love with her during Season 1 of 'The Contender'.
* Cameran Eubanks, Real World - San Diego (4th picture from above)
* Kristin Cavalleri, Laguna Beach (5th picture from above).

...I challenge someone to compile a better list!


Anonymous said...

First...Hoopz has got to go. WTF?!?!?

I'll see your list and raise you...

(1)Brit from 8th and Ocean
(2)Svetlana, RW Key West
(3)Jenner - Paradise City

You can have Kristin and Mallory

Anonymous said...

Speaking of pictures not doing justice, that picture of Cameran Eubanks doesnt begin to her justice either.

Anonymous said...

I am still searching for Pictures of Brandy Collins...that bitch was one hot piece.