Sunday, April 8, 2007

Someone Gets It

Dude, did you see Papelbon tonight? That kid is just downright filthy. 96 MPH high heat, and an 86 MPH splitter that just completely had the bottom fall out. The best part about watching this kid pitch is the intensity that he brings to the mound. He grits his teeth harder than me after my 9th So-Co and lime shot of the night. I literally think he would punch himself in the face just to get that extra little something on his pitches. He's fearless, and wants the ball in his hand no matter what inning, how many outs there are, or who's mess he is cleaning up (yeah, I am talking to you Joel Piniero you friggin sack-less, dick-less prick).

Jacky Paps, you did it again man. You made me want to put on a Metallica CD and smear $hit all over my face. I get absolutely amped when you come in to close the game. Keep up the good work.....we're behind you 100% .

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