Sunday, April 8, 2007

Did You Know? Redsox Owner is a Diehard Yankee Fan!

(Les Otten, third from left) Picture taken from Ithaca College Quarterly

Current Redsox Vice Chairman Les Otten, one of the first members of the current ownership group (before Tom Werner and principal owner John Henry were brought in) has been a "die-hard" Yankee fan his whole life. He made most of his money through his acquisition of Sunday River Ski Resort which he bought in the 1970's for $850,000 before turning it into one the best ski resorts in the East. He then parlayed his success into the American Ski Company (owned several ski resorts throughout the country) before bailing out to go after the Redsox. Below is an interview with Les as he speaks in 1997 with his alma mata Ithaca College:

"The press has also made much of Otten's political aspirations, particularly of his prospects for winning a Senate seat. He himself admits to "four great passions" - his children, outdoor recreation, baseball, and politics. He's achieved "a modicum of success in the first three," he says (vicariously in baseball, when the Yankees won the World Series). And as for the fourth, he won't rule out seeking office: "Something comes along, and you have to decide whether you want to take it." (View full interview @

A Statement from a Fellow Blogger:

"I know! Les Otten is a Yankees fan! His plan was to build up the New England Ski Areas, but then wreck them! Then, as a crushing blow, purchase the Red Sox, then wreck their stadium and their team! You've gotten this far, Les, but the people from Beantown know what you're up to! You'd better move to New York!" -rocket21 from the message board.

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