Saturday, August 4, 2007

Some Margarita Wrestling on this Scorching Saturday

Is it socially acceptable to say that the black chick in the green bikini needs to be tested for steroids ASAP??? I mean, she absolutely manhandles anything that comes within her reach!

Anyways, I saw this on WITHLEATHER.COM -- and was forced to post it. For The Win Column's one-year anniversary, Margarita Wrestling is sure to be the main attraction. Bet on it!

If you wish to see some still photos of Margarita Wrestling, visit the below website:

I should also point out an outstanding comment left by "Berka" under the With Leather post...

"I'm amazed nobody has mentioned that the proceeds from margarita wrestling support breast cancer research. Take that, feminists!"

...I couldn't have said it any better.

Update #3 from Simply Suds -- "Puke on One's Chest does not Attract the Southern Bells"

Suds sent this along yesterday afternoon, but I wasn't near a, it's just now being posted...

It's Friday, and I'm on double digit beers down here in central standard time. Last night was a complete $hitshow. Our objective was to get some southern bells to cook us grits for breakfast after they woke up on our romantic Aero beds, but what really ended up happening was us finding gold. We ended up at a country bar that was having a Bud Lights. I repeat, free Bud Lights!! So as a group, we probably sucked down 60 of them, along with shots of Tequila and Southern Comfort. On we went to Tootsies (thanks to the reader that suggested this), and we're probably not allowed back. Some muscle head jerk-off from Chicago asked me if I wanted to fight for fun. Seeing as though I have my left hand bandaged up from stitches, I decided against throwing a sucker punch or bottle at the beast. He seemed ok with the answer, until he put his cigarette out on my cell phone because I didn't accept his invitation to "dance". Just as we made our way to the dance floor to boot, scoot, and boogey with some cuntay....we had 2 soldiers go down. One buddy completely threw up all over his chest in the middle of the bar, and another ran to the $hitter and hugged the toilet for a good 20 minutes. Needless to say, we didn't achieve any of our goals.....but we did black out again. Maybe tonight I'll hit for the cycle. We'll see. Have a good weekend!

Since it's Slow

There hasn't been much activity lately, and this is pretty funny. I'm sure some of our readers are Pearl Jam fans. Now you know what Eddie has been saying during this song.

Friday, August 3, 2007

USA Today Releases Its Preseason Coaches' Poll

1. USC
2. LSU
3. Florida
4. Texas
5. Michigan
6. West Virginia
7. Wisconsin
8. Oklahoma
9. Virginia Tech
10. Ohio State
11. Louisville
12. California
13. Georgia
14. Auburn
15. Tennessee
16. Rutgers
17. UCLA
18. Penn State
19. Nebraska
20. Arkansas
21. Florida State
22. TCU
23. Boise State
24. Hawaii
25. Texas A&M

* I have long nabbed West Virginia's STEVE SLATON as this year's Heisman. Speed kills! Teamed with the mobile Patrick White for another season, Rich Rodriguez's spread option offense is going to be dynamic.

** Breakout Sleeper: California QB NATE LONGSHORE. Not familiar with the name? You will be. When it comes to developing QB's, Cal coach Jeff Tedford is a genius. You heard it here...the Golden Bears are going to be nasty this year!

*** Want another sleeper that sure's to be a stud by season's end? Look no further than Clemson RB CJ SPILLER. For my money, this true sophomore is the most explosive player in the country.

**** Most underrated team in the country? In a word...Nebraska.

***** Most overrated team in the country? Michigan. Why? Because you shouldn't be ranked in the top 5 when you've lost 8 starters on defense. Want more? Lloyd Carr is the worst coach in the Big-10. Yes, the WORST in the entire conference. Mike Hart should have left after his junior year. Just watch his draft stock plummet as the season progresses. I promise. All Michigan has is Chad Henne. Nothing else!

Friday Morning Pump-Up Session

NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER. Clearly no KARATE KID, but still an 80's classic nevertheless.

"Tonight, he either fights for his life or he'll be running for the rest of it."

Can anyone explain what's going on around the 50 second mark of this clip? Why the hell is Jason Stillwell giving his buddy pelvic thrusts, all while his buddy goes down on his ice cream bar?? Very awkward scene.

For the record, I believe the background track is Kevin Chalfant's "Hold on to the Vision in your Eyes".

(The idea behind this post came from AOL'S FANHOUSE blog)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Scarlett Johansson does Louis Vuitton

Glamorous! As Johansson became the face and spokesperson for Louis Vuitton in early 2005, this is the third ad campaign in which she has been featured (the others being Spring 2005 and Spring 2007).

It's been a very long day (at least I feel that way), so sit back and sink your teeth in this dime.

Soccer is Stupid

Australian RHAIN DAVIS, all of 9 years old, has signed a contract with Manchester United.

Are you kidding me??? This is absurd, and a mockery of the sport. In all half these frames, Rhain looks like he playing against "Lazy Legs" from the earlier break-dancing post.

Why hasn't Beckham negotiated a deal with the LA Galaxy for his son, Brooklyn, yet? After all, he is 8 years old...and Lord knows that David Beckham is just collecting checks these days.

Somewhere, Danny Almonte says "hello".

(Video seen on DEADSPIN.COM)

Update #2 from Simply Suds -- "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy"

As promised yesterday, I arrived in Nashville about 14 beers deep and I had a thirst that couldn't be quenched. After somehow running up a $120 tab amongst 4 of us in an hour....we decided it was time to get deep into the mix at a honky bar. Two things I've learned about Nashville thus far...

1. They sure like their country music, to the tune of live music at every establishment.

2. Cougars are everywhere....and their accent is off the hooooookkkk.

Needless to say, we all blacked out pretty hard and don't remember how we got from the bar to our hotel. They apparently don't believe in shot glasses down here....shots consist of half a plastic cup of booze. We have a buddy flying in today, and then we move The Commodore into his new pad. I've been dreaming about this apartment pool for 3 weeks, and I promise not to disappoint The Win Column readers.

Since when did "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" become a cool song?????? Someone should let these people know they look like a$$holes singing this song at the top of their lungs.

Gym Class Heroes or True Athletes?

If I'm not mistaking, I'm almost positive that I recognize the guy in the red pants from flipping through the channels a couple weeks back...on "America's Got Talent". And, yes, you guessed it...the guy on "America's Got Talent" refers to himself as LAZY LEGS. Why wouldn't he, right??

Lastly, are you guys thinking the same thing I am...I waiting for the day that these guys throw down.

(Shout out to reader 'Carolina Red Sox' for sending this clip along)

Who's Uglier?

Here at The Win Column, we have strayed upon a new game called "Who's Uglier". To kick this game off, I ask you ..... Who is ugliest?

A. Nelson De La Rosa (Pedro's deceased weird friend for those of you not "with the times")

B. Dwayne Johnson's "The Rock" daughter, Simone

C. Smeagol, from "Lord of the Rings"

I would have to say that The Rock's daughter has this one in the bag! I mean, he must have slept with a half retarded killer wombat to produce something this beautiful! Good job, Rock...and thanks for giving all the kiddies out there another reason to stay away from steroids!

Step 1...No Man = No Bra

Like I said last week...this is about to get good. As she is now a "free woman", Jessica Alba is on the verge of dominating the headlines for the foreseeable future!

Jessica, we await your next 'power' move. The Win Column is at your mercy...

(Photos grabbed from

Fantasy Football Hook

In 3+ weeks, nearly every fantasy football draft will be held -- if you're a fan of fantasy football, be sure to click and watch the below YouTube link (the video was originally posted to our site, but I messed it up while editing the post):

Personally, I'm still 100% entrenched in baseball mode, especially considering the Yankees are now a mere 2 games out of the playoff mix. Seriously, was there ever any doubt??? What's that you say...PHIL HUGHES IS BACK THIS SATURDAY?!?!?! I can't hear you...Joba Chamberlain, Jeff Karstens, and Ian Kennedy are all ready to contribute?!?!?! When do playoff tickets go on sale?

Anyways, back to the subject at hand...there are several backs that aren't getting the love that they deserve in current drafts. Trust me, take my advice and reap the benefits come January.

JOSEPH ADDAI, TRAVIS HENRY, REGGIE BUSH, CEDRIC BENSON, and BRANDON JACOBS are all in for mooooooooonster seasons!! Promise me that you'll grab at least one of the aforementioned backs in your upcoming draft...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Eddie House to Provide "Instant O" off Bench

Mark Murphy is reporting that "the Celtics signed free agent guard Eddie House this afternoon to a one-year deal."

Up until this past year, I had always believed in Danny (The Commodore can attest to this, as we have had countless 'Danny Ainge' discussions for years now). Then, I watched this past year in complete despair. Finally, Mr. Ainge is reiterating why I had bought into the hype for so long.


Eddie House is a solid complimentary piece for this team. For 15 minutes a night, House will be called upon to shoot the pill from the outside. His specialty. After all, he shot 43% from behind the arc while playing for New Jersey last season. In short, the 29-year-old veteran is instant energy. Although only 6'1", he can create his own shot -- and doesn't turn the ball over. Because he never drives the lane and doesn't distribute the ball well for a PG, he'll be asked to play on the wing more frequently that one would think. Personally, I view House as more of a natural "2" than "1" (aka, a "tweener"). Let's not forget that both Ray Allen and Paul Pierce are overly capable of handling the ball when called upon to do so...for a few minutes here-and-there.

For the the past, I've seen ESPN's John Hollinger refer to House as a Tony Delk-type of player (a player that all of New England should be familiar with).

And, for what it's worth...while watching Acie Law play these past 2 seasons at Texas A&M, he reminded me of only one other collegiate player -- none other than Eddie House. As college players, they were exact replicas.

Lastly, expect the "finger wave" to become patented in Boston any day now. Yes, Dikembe Mutumbo will be a Celtic.

Live Update from Simply Suds -- "On the Road Again"

This is Sudsy reporting live from Harrisonburg, VA on Route 81 South. I just had my first cold Bud Light from the inside of The Commodore's Dodge Neon....that looks more like a brothel than it does a car. There is a ton of unused farm land down here where everyone f*cks their relatives, and I now know why people tip cows over....they're smug as friggin' toddlers. They stare as you drive by, and all my fat mouth can do is water at the thought of their t-bone thigh in my gullet.

Last night in DC was interesting. We met up with some college buddies, and The Commodore spent most of the night talking to some young former victim of a slaying. I will say this though about DC....for some reason there are tons of hot escorts running through bars trying to sucker in some guy that is so fat he can't even see his own d*ck. As in, most of these girls are 9's out of 10. I think that's something that Boston bars should look into. I wonder how much it costs to have one of them suck you off in an alley......interesting question.

On the move to Nashville.....catch up with all of you perverts in the near future. I should be about 13 Bud Lights deep by Nashville.....and then things are going to start to get really, really weird.

Blue Balls for $9.95 Plus Tax

Now there was a time when I was, say....13-14 years of age and the only thing close to porn was the fitness channel. I know what you're thinking and, yes, there was nothing like an early morning fitness show to get you ready for homeroom. This was moderately excepted as entertainment for a 13-year-old kid, but I found this video the other day (courtesy of and it blew my mind. I'm just surprised some people never moved on from fitness shows. I mean, yes, the chicks are smoking and, yes, there are great close-ups, but let's be honest...who the hell would sit at home and watch these videos over and over again? You would have to be a complete hair-diaper to spend your money on this sh*t just so you can play a lil' game of pull and tug!

Perhaps I'm missing something be the judge.

Class is now in Session. NSFW

FHM magazine put together this video showing 28 days worth of Kama Sutra positions demonstrated by two hot chicks. Watch and learn.

(Found on

(Originally presented by FHM at

"Side Out" With These Bunnies...

In response to Ridin' Dirty's (newly added contributor!) volleyball rumblings, I'm assuming he's referring to Kerri Walsh (the abnormally tall glass of water) and her partner, Misty May -- who is married to Florida Marlins catcher Matt Treanor (career .237 hitter with 4 career HR's).

With that said, I wholeheartedly agree with Ridin' Dirty. Yes, this combo is obviously good, as it seems they win every beach volleyball tournament (they teamed up to win the Gold Medal in the 2004 Olympics). But, let's be serious...this combo isn't going to put butts in seats -- at least not the casual fan.

So again, back to Ridin' Dirty's original point...I, too, want to see America market the above a$$es. Truth be told, I have no idea who these a$$es belong to -- and that, my friends, is a problem in-and-of itself.

Sex sells...

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Survey SAYS......

I just took a survey and it seems that the vast majority of women's athletic sports fans are either 10-14 year old girls or 30+ lesbian bull dykes. This intrigued me, so I did a some classic investigating during what my employer calls "A time" (see JMO for explanation). Here is what I came up with.

I would absolutely watch women sports if girls like this were showcased....

Natalie Gulbis of the LPGA: Just won her first tournament. I bet you are thinking the same thing I am: "I wish I was a flag stick right now or paid more attention to the Evian Masters this past weekend."

Franziska van Almsic: Multiple Olympic medal winning German Swimmer. They were too god damn busy talking about the Olympic Square bomber during the Atlanta games, rather than showing Franziska showering after her meet.

AnaPaula Mancino: Brazilian professional volleyball player. The volleyball I see on TV is always showing that tall girl who is BRUTAL looking and her 42-year-old dried out partner. If I'm going to watch women's volleyball, then AnaPaula deserves a bye in every round, ensuring that she automatically makes the finals.

So if I was a marketing/advertising TV executive/guru, which I think I should be, I would be tossing a$$ like this all over the screen! Unless, of course, you are a brutal looking biker dyke that thinks this is degrading to women. I bet I could get you all to watch whatever f^cking sport these goddesses of beauty were playing or doing.

So guys, take a look at your TV guide to see when one of their next event is. Get yourself a bottle of Jergen's, a box of tissue or sock, and a 12 pack of American beer and enjoy!

The new survey would say...get these a$$es on TV immediately!

Kevin Garnett - "I Hate to Lose"

If anyone is still on the fence about this KG trade, then check yourself into the nearest clinic. You've clearly been hanging with Lindsay Lohan for far too long.

Kevin Garnett is a guaranteed Hall of Famer that is still in his prime. Al Jefferson is an oft-injured young talent that may someday become a perennial All-Star. As in...Al Jefferson is not guaranteed stardom by any stretch of the imagination. And, if he does eventually become a star? He still will never be as productive as Garnett is right now.

After watching this some push-ups, run to "The Garden", and buy some Celtics tickets. Good God, KG is going to look great in green!

Dan Rodricks Is A Big Fat Turd

From Dan Rodricks at The Sun in Baltimore:

Here's my prediction: Red Sox will choke. It's going to get really ugly. It's going to be historic. The Curse Resurrectio. They'll not only lose the AL East. They won't get a wild-card bid. Yanks will finish first in the East, the Tigers in the Central and the Angels in the West. The Indians will be the wild-card. The Orioles will make a run and finish strong -- edging out the Jays and the Sox into second place right behind the Yankees. There, it's done. I said it. I'm gonna live with it. I've started the Bosox Choke Watch.

He goes on to say in a later post:

All together, Orioles fans, let's gather around your MASN tonight and send our collective orange-and-black karma to Boston with the Birds so they have a lovely run against the Sox, who we are eager to see choke again. Remember, this is what that franchise is notorious for. (The Orioles haven't won a World Series in 24 years, but they've been in six since 1966 and won three of them. The Red Sox have only won one Series in nearly 90 years. Never has a franchise gotten so much hype for such little achievement, and who have the Sox put into the Hall of Fame lately?)

Anyway, we're rooting for our Orioles, and hoping the Sox return to their old ways. Can't happen, you say? In 1978, what was the Sox lead over the Yankees at the All-Star break? 14 games? Yeah, somethin' like that. Something sick. And hopefully it will happen again.

The worst thing about this fat turd is that he is originally from East Bridgewater and went to college in Connecticut. How 'bout a little hometown love? Not to mention his remarks about HIS Orioles! "They'll make a run and finish strong" -- what the hell is that supposed to mean? They stink worse than last weeks diapers. I'm pretty sure any decent high school team in the country could give them a run for their money. Anyways, I'm confident that we have some of the smartest, most articulate readership out there, and if these above comments grind your gears as much as they did mine, I've included ole' Danny's email below...

(This story was brought to my attention by, and I obtained the content from


Biggest Pu$$y in World?? Guy in White Shirt!

I've watched this street fight at least 10 times thus far. I can't stop watching it...

By my count, the guy took out a grand total of 3 different chumps. Is this correct, or should the final count be 4?

Couple other this guy tough or is he just a product of his competition? Either way, you've got to give it to him -- he wanted that parking spot in a bad way, and he did what he had to do to defend his territory. No matter your argument, it goes without saying that this guy possesses the classic boxing stance, has fists of fury (a great left), and is very collected throughout the entire altercation (in traffic, no less).

And, what about the stiff in white? He needs to hand in his balls ASAP. Imagine watching yourself on national television...continuously getting knocked down and knocked out via airborne attacks??

Great video.

(For this, much thanks must be extended to THISSUITISNOTBLACK.BLOGSPOT.COM)

Monday, July 30, 2007

It's Official...Youth Movement is No Longer in the Cards!!!!!!!!

...And, my favorite basketball player of all-time, Ryan Gomes, may or may not remain in Celtic green. This detail hasn't yet been finalized, but I have my fingers crossed. Either way, it has no bearing on my final thoughts -- this was a trade that was too good to pass up. Assuming health, the C's show contend for the next 3 years!

Al Jefferson, Sebastian Telfair, Gerald Green, Theo Ratliff, and an unspecified draft pick(s) for "The Big Ticket"...!!!!!!!!! A no-brainer!

Draft picks??? Who's cares? This team isn't going to be anywhere near the lottery for years to come!!

When you break it down, the deal is essentially...Big Al's youth and potential FOR Garnett's current stardom. I love it!!! The Celtics are relevent!! My beloved C's are relevent!! I just bought season tickets!

Ok, the logistics...

The NBA recently announced that the Salary Cap for the 2007-08 season will be $55.630 million. The tax level for the 2007-08 season has been set at $67.865 million. Any team whose team salary exceeds that figure will pay a $1 tax for each $1 by which it exceeds $67.865 million.

The mid-level exception is $5.356 million for the 2007-08 season and the minimum team salary, which is set at 75% of the Salary Cap, is $41.723 million.

With this incredible trade, the Celtics 15-man current roster shapes up as follows:

  • Kevin Garnett, $22M for 2007-08
  • Paul Pierce, $16.36M
  • Ray Allen, $16M
  • Kendrick Perkins, $4.48M
  • Brian Scalabrine, $3M
  • Tony Allen, $1.87M
  • Rajon Rondo, $1.37M
  • Ryan Gomes, $771K -- could very well be included in KG deal?
  • Leon Powe, $687K
  • Brandon Wallace, $427K
  • Gabe Pruitt, Rookie contract (undisclosed at this time)
  • Glen Davis, Rookie contract (undisclosed at this time)

...As constructed (and assuming Gomes is not part of the agreed upon deal), the C's have 12 players under contract (as they recently cut Villanova product Allan Ray). Without knowing the specifics of Pruitt's and/or "Big Baby's" rookie contracts, the C's have committed $66.965 million to 10 players. As both Pruitt and Davis were early 2nd Round picks in this year's draft, I'd have to assume that both signed multi-year rookie contracts...similar to that of Ryan Gomes' current contract (plus a slight adjustment due to inflation purposes). Assuming this to be true, I'll estimate the Celtics' 2007-2008 roster to currently stand at $68.6 million (which doesn't even begin to include KG's potential/additional "trade kicker" of up to $6.75 million) -- which already puts the Celts above the determined cap. For this, I thank Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck, as he is the one that is allowing this trade to go through. As a fan, I speak on behalf of all true Celtic fans...we will make sure you make your money back!! "The Garden" is going to be rockin' this year!

Moving on...the C's clearly don't have any movable trading chips now -- it's the "The New Big 3" and several other important pieces (Rondo, Perkins, possibly Gomes, and hopefully a healthy Tony Allen). For that reason, I definitely don't expect another trade this matter how insignificant it may or may not be. However, the C's can still utilize the aforementioned $5.356 mid-level exception (on either a backup PG or backup "big man"). Say hello to BREVIN KNIGHT (or Earl Boykins)!! A perfect piece, a great backup and/or mentor to Rondo...another motor on both ends of the court. The other need is at backup center (Olowokandi or Chris Webber?) that can provide the team with energy for at least 9-12 minutes/night, as Perkins is clearly only a 27-28 minute/night type of player (for the remaining few minutes, the C's possess the necessary parts to play "small ball" -- i.e., Gomes/Scalabrine/"Big Baby"/Powe). In the past, I have been very hard on Perkins -- but, with the addition of KG, Perkins' role finally seems to make sense. He plays solid defense and can rebound the basketball. He's a very big body that can bang with the best of them. He can't score a lick, as his offense is offensive. But, who cares???? The C's now have THREE All-Star offensive options...night-in and night-out!!! Perkins' meat-and-potatoes is going to come solely by way of offensive put-backs, aka "garbage buckets".

Danny Ainge - you deserve all the credit in the world for what you have accomplished this offseason! The C's are now a very balanced team - they can defend (KG, Perkins, Rondo, and Tony Allen), their top 7 players can fly up and down the court, and they can shoot the lights out (Ray Allen and Pierce), especially with Mr. Rondo pushing the ball down teams' throats.

PG - Rondo, Pruitt

SG - Ray Allen, Tony Allen

SF - Pierce, Gomes (?), Brandon Wallace

PF - Garnett, Scalabrine, Glen Davis, Powe

C - Perkins

It's now up to Doc (gulp) to mold this group - and ensure they all check their egos at the door. This year, we're going to see just how much of a "player's coach" Doc really is...

(The above photo comes via

The Win Column Will Be Blogging Live from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN From Weds-Saturday

As Suds and Slowstuff are set to move The Commodore into grad school at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee tomorrow....I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for reading my contributions to The Win Column. There is a decent chance I don't make it back from this trip alive. Do you have any idea how weird I can get down south? Nashville girls are sure to know who I am after this trip. Three things that may happen on this trip:

1) Alcohol Poisoning

2) I get beat up by a red neck

3) I get arrested and nobody feels like bailing me out

...All of which I am completely fine with, since I have zero use of my left hand due to an accident at work last week.....but, I can assure you that I'll be using The Commodore's laptop to provide you all with live updates from this debacle of a trip. I'm excited. I haven't been on a road trip in quite some time, and I have an appetite for destruction. Commodore has a pool on the roof of his apartment building, and I can assure you that from Wednesday-Sunday, no matter the time, bathing suits will be completely optional. He may be evicted by Friday and on his way back home with us. Stay tuned for my Wednesday update......until then, the rest of the fellas will hold this site down while Sudsy heads due south. I just packed my Levi's 501 jeans next to some other weird $hit I'm bringing. Nashville here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*** I'm hoping to get some suggestions on last second items I may be forgetting. Also, anyone that's been to Nashville, feel free to write a comment on some places to go and people to do. Wordddddd.

Shakira Ass Shaking Compilation

Orlando has me completely obsessed with ass shaking now. I look for videos constantly that show that movement of the buttocks from side to side. So imagine my surprise when I saw a 3:40 video of nothing but Shakira shaking what her mama gave her. There is no way that Shakira isn't an absolute animal in the sack. In my opinion, if you can move like that, chances are you're probably going to be disappointed in my performance, unless I'm in a blacked-out coma and you take advantage of me. Which I'd be fine with.

Bill Walsh Loses Battle With Leukemia

The Win Column sends its condolences to the friends, family, and former teammates of legendary football coach Bill Walsh, who lost his battle with leukemia today at the age of 75. Elected as a Hall-of-Famer in 1993, Walsh won 3 championships with the San Francisco 49ers (1981, 1984, 1988), and is responsible for drafting three of the greatest players ever to play their respective positions in Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Ronnie Lott.

Walsh completely changed the game of football with his vertical passing philosophy. "The West Coast Offense" completely changed both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Not only did Walsh win championships with the offense, but coaches he groomed and taught have won numerous championships using much of the same philosophy (see chart above - in order to enlarge it, click on the chart). The game of football will forever be a better game because Bill Walsh left his mark on the sport.

And don't even get me started on his Sega Genesis game....Bill Walsh's College Football was lights out. Bo Jackson was unstoppable with Auburn '83. Rest in peace, Bill Walsh.

***Bill Walsh's coaching chart courtesy of Wikipedia

Bigger Mogul...Diddy or Jay-Z?

The matchup: Sean John Combs vs. Shawn Corey Carter. Both 37 years old.

In one corner, you have "Diddy" (aka, Sean Combs). To date, he has established Bad Boy Records, has created the Sean John clothing line, owns a movie production company, owns two upscale restaurants, produces MTV's Making the Band, has acted on Broadway, completed the New York Marathon in 2003, has raised $2 million for the New York educational system, dated Jennifer Lopez when in her prime, headed the "Vote or Die" campaign for the 2004 Presidential Election, has been inducted as an honorary member of the Arsenal soccer team, and has won 3 Grammy Awards (nominated for 9 in total).

In turn, he has been criticized for watering down and commercializing hip-hop for a mainstream market and for overusing guest appearances by other artists, as well as samples of past hits for the majority of his own hit songs.

All in all, Puffy is currently the richest hip-hop entertainer, having reeled in a net worth of $346 million.

In the other corner, we've got "Jigga" (aka, Shawn Carter). Jay-Z is one of the owners/founders of the Roc-A-Fella Empire (along with Damon Dash and Kareem "Biggs" Burke), which includes Roc-A-Fella Records, Roc-La-Familia, Roc-A-Fella Films, and Rocawear. Furthermore, he is the President and CEO of Def Jam Recordings, owns the 40/40 Club in NYC and Atlantic City, distributes Armadale (a Scottish vodka), is part-owner of the New Jersey Nets, is said to be considering buying a stake in the aforementioned Arsenal soccer team, serves as co-brand director for Budweiser Select while collaborating with the company on strategic marketing programs and creative ad development, dates Beyonce, and has won 6 Grammy Awards (nominated for 20 in all).

There have been more and more rumors that says Jay-Z will eventually announce he's leaving his position at Def Jam to create a new "super label" with Beyonce...and might take artists such as Nas from Def Jam to his new label. It seems ever likely that Jay-Z will be moving to Columbia Records where partner Beyonce is.

All-in-all, the "Mike Jordan of Mic Recording" is the secondest richest hip-hop entertainer, having a cool net worth estimate of $340 million.

...So, who's the bigger "mogul"? Who's the bigger "brand", in and of himself? Who's currently the face of hip-hop entertainment? In 10 years, who will have pocketed the higher net worth?

...Or, is it Russell Simmons???

It's All About Trickerization

I saw this on today, and had to post it for our readers. This is unbelievable. How pissed is the other coach after this play? It's not about having fun, having kids build's about winning and running up the score.

Good job by the boys at for finding this gem. Well done, fellas.

Jermaine Dye May Change His Sox

Per today.....

A major league source said a short time ago that chances were “pretty good” that the Red Sox would complete a deal with the Chicago White Sox for outfielder Jermaine Dye. In exchange for Dye, the White Sox would get Wily Mo Pena and a minor league pitching prospect (not Clay Buchholz or Jon Lester).

Ok, where do I sign???????? Get this deal done already. I'm a huge fan of Dye, as he'll be able to provide the power that J.D. Drew apparently lost when he decided to get off the sauce and shrink. It does make things pretty crowded in right/center field....but who cares? It's all about depth, and it's all about getting someone that can mash behind Manny in the order. Manny is carrying this team offensively right now, and might have to for the rest of the year with Big Papi clearly hurtin' pretty bad with his torn meniscus. Don't even get me started on Wily Mo Pena.....I am pretty sure he closes his eyes when he swings....he's an abortion at the plate.

Exchange your black socks for red ones, Dye. You'll be on a flight to Boston within 48 hours, guaranteed. If they get this deal done, it's a great move by the Red Sox front office.

***On a side note....Jermaine is pullin' a nice piece of tail in that picture. Chances are he rocks a hammer in his pants, and this girl never saw it coming !!!!!!

Gary Sheffield Lashes Out...Again

As my internet connection was down all last night, I couldn't post about the rumblings that I constantly ponder.

Lytedogg's post last week about future Hall of Fame pitchers opened up a whole new can of worms for in which current hitters are Hall of Fame worthy? In particular, Gary Sheffield. As such, I manually wrote down my distinct thoughts on Sheffield's career and credentials (for blog purposes, I'll now wait until tomorrow to post my opinions).

That is...until it was reported that Sheffield opened his mouth again. Yes, Sheffield is a crazy man. But, at the same time, Sheffield generally speaks the truth. He's just not eloquent in his delivery. In fact, he is the complete opposite of "eloquent".

Steroid Nation reports Sheffield's latest rant:

"Bud Selig is making himself the face of the steroid era,'' Sheffield told USA Today.

"Why doesn't Bud Selig tell the truth? Why does he keep lying and saying he doesn't know nothing about nothing? It's a bunch of hogwash. It's a cop-out. He knew everything (about steroids) we knew."

"Bud Selig wants to talk about the integrity of the game? To him, the integrity of the game is how much money they make.''

Selig and Sheffield have a long history together. Selig owned the Milwaukee Brewers when the Brewers drafted Sheffield in 1986, and when they brought a 19-year-old Sheffield to the big leagues two years later. This year, Selig fined Sheffield after the Tiger designated hitter was quoted as saying that umpires lie and that the umpiring system is "corrupt.''

...In short, Gary Sheffield's above quotes hit on everything I have been saying for years now. Along with baseball's owners, Bud Selig has long known about AND welcomed steroids in the game of baseball. Instead, he just didn't want the general public knowing about steroids. In the late 90's, steroids are what brought the game back to epic levels. Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa resurrected the game. Steroids resurrected the game. Not just chicks "dig the long ball"...nearly all fans do -- as indicated by all attendance and television ratings.

Bud Selig is the biggest hypocrite in sports. For that reason, he has been bullied by the players and the Players Union for 14 years now (since being named "acting commissioner" in 1994). He sucks. He deserves praise for adding the Wild Card, but NOTHING else.

Allan Huber "Bud" Selig created the steroid issue. Bud Selig created the fiasco which has become Barry Bonds. For this reason, the LEAST Selig can do is acknowledge the "corrupt" home run record which he, himself, is most guilty of.

You'd figure a 73-year-old man would know a little something about "accountability" by now, wouldn't you? Instead, Selig will sit down and review these above comments by Sheffield -- and likely suspend him...for telling the general public exactly what most educated fans already know.

* In other news, Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Mark Teixeira and lefty reliever were just traded to the Braves -- in return, the Rangers will receive Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Elvis Andrus, and two pitching prospects.

This simply reaffirms that Braves GM John Schuerholz is the very best GM in the game. I pray that he becomes MLB's Commissioner in 2009, when Selig steps down.

Pacman Jones Doesn't Like Mike Vick Stealing His Headlines

For that reason, News Channel 5 is reporting that Pacman Jones is close to becoming a pro wrestler. This man is so competitive that he refuses to be out-done. Somewhere, TO is pissed!

"Sources said that Pacman has signed or will soon sign a contract with Nashville based TNA, Total Non-stop Action Wrestling, which is headed by Jeff Jarrett of Hendersonville."

This cements it -- Pacman Jones is certifiably insane! Would I ever want he playing for my favorite team? Hell no. But, from a blog perspective...guys like Pacman Jones are gold. Trust me, when The Win Column gets big enough, I'm going to pay people just to follow this man around...and report on his doings 24/7. No??? Well, you obviously are forgetting that Nashville is the home of of tomorrow, the new home of The Commodore. Truly a gift from above...make it happen!

I, for one, can't wait until Pacman "makes it rain" with all the TNA ringside girls...and The Commodore!!!

What's the over/under date on when Tank Johnson signs on to be Pacman's tagteam partner??


When I first heard this news at 6:30 this morning, I nearly drove my car off the side of the road. Needless to say, I called nearly 3/4 of the male contingent in my cell phone (The Commodore and I have already spoken a dozen times today). The ONLY time I have been more pumped in my life about a pending trade was....

...when the Yanks pawned off Soriano-for-Alex Rodriguez, after the Red Sox had massaged his ball$ all offseason (this trade literally caused me to call EVERY single person I knew).

As I've been in-and-out of meetings this morning, a detailed analysis of this pending move is forthcoming (once official)....


Sunday, July 29, 2007

Megan Fox Has Endless Upside

As Orlando just pointed out, the weekends should be enjoyable. For that reason, The Win Column is here to serve as your relaxing pleasure.

With no further ado, I present you readers with another recent gallery of Megan Fox -- this time courtesy of Arena Magazine. She is perfect!

As editor, I'm officially nominating that top photo as the greatest photo to hit the pages of The Win Column to-date. It's got me mesmerized.

Brittany Daniel Is Dope

Sunday equals fun day, right? So if you guys are cruising the site today, then feast your eyes on the wonder that is Brittany Daniel...and rub one out after the Sox game. If you don't, she'll be a great way to kick off your Monday. You might recognize the face because she's been around awhile. One of her most notable early appearances came in Basketball Diaries when she starred as 'Blinky'. To refresh your memory, it's the scene where Jim Carroll (Leo DiCaprio) goes to a Manhattan apartment and does coke for the first time and consequently plows the hell out of 'Blinky'.

Daniel was also in Joe Dirt, White Chicks, Dawson's Creek and a crap load of the old school doublemint gum commercials. And if she wasn't hot enough already, she has an identical twin. Happy viewing!