Monday, April 9, 2007

Summa, Summa, Summa-timeeeeee

I'm taking this opportunity to vent a little bit about fishing. A former freshwater fisherman turned saltwater fisherman....I have to admit that fishing in the ocean (in my opinion) is 100 times better than pond fishing. First of all, I usually step onto some sort of expensive vessel....immediately go 'skins, and show this world the beautiful sight of an Italian body. And, as long as its after 4 AM and before 4:45 AM, I take this opportunity to crack my first bud light, that I have managed to keep on ice with his 29 buddies since the prior evening. Whether or not I catch any stripers or bluefish is absolutely meaningless to me. I mean, by 10 am I am half cocked, shirt off, sun beating on this body....and all around there are boats filled with half dressed women speeding by with their husbands/boyfriends that will probably make more money in the 5 hours they sit on their yacht, then the 50 years I'll spend working.

The best part about being out on the when its around 1 PM or 2 PM, and now you're really hammer-hawked because you've managed to drink about 17 ice old frosties by that everywhere around you....there are hundreds of women between the ages of 18-26 running around various beaches.....just delighted to see the sight of the expensive boat that you probably don't own....but you will say you went halfsies with your buddy, if it means her caressing your inner thigh for 3 minutes. Then it's game on. Horseshoes, water skiing, tubing.....whatever your poor buddy that owns the boat will allow.....or tolerate. As he drives the boat and you and the rest of your sauced friends spit your best game on the bow or hull of the realize that life just really doesn't get any better than this. Good weather, good buddies, chicks in bikinis, and most cold bud light.

The seas are not angry my friends......the sea is our friend. Cheers.

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Chieftain said...

Are those swimmies???