Thursday, April 12, 2007

Luc Longley is Set Ablaze

Earlier this week, Luc Longley, the former #7 overall pick out of New Mexico, wept as he and his family escaped from the fire which destroyed their $2 million home in Fremantle.

"I was asleep and heard a bang, an explosion, and it was already on fire and got the kids out," he told Nine News at the scene.

He is believed to have lost much of the sporting memorabilia he won during his career in Australian and US basketball leagues.

...the fact that a 7'2" stiff, whom only averaged double digits once in his career (7.2 PPG for his career) and never averaged more than 6 rebounds in a season (4.9 REB for his career), can stake a claim in a multi-million dollar house (probably one of several) is evidence of what is wrong with society's social structure. When pundits point out that you can't teach height, Luc Longley should act as the running prime example.

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Anonymous said...

oh yah, i am so concerned about today's social structure. i wish there was a forum for me to discuss this issue openly and candidly with fellow friends. oh wait, i guess that is what this site has become. we need more articles on the sam bowie's and eric montross's of the world.