Saturday, June 9, 2007

BenGay Lowers The Hammer

According to The Fanhouse (

The New York state medical examiner has ruled that a high school track star who died in April was killed by a toxic dose of methyl salicylate, the active ingredient in common muscle rubs such as BenGay and Icy Hot. Arielle Newman was a track star at Notre Dame Academy on Staten Island who was found dead on April 3rd. An initial autopsy was inconclusive, and her death has been a mystery. But yesterday Ellen Borakove, spokeswoman for the state medical examiner's office, said Newman accidentally used "topical medication to an excess," causing poisons to accumulate in her body and eventually lead to her death.

Alice Newman said her daughter had been using a teammate's Ultra Strength BenGay and possibly other topical analgesics on her legs this year to help her recover between track meets.
"She told me her legs felt like cement," her mother said. "She was working so hard to turn her season around."

Even with repeated use, however, it is unclear how the extremely high levels of the substance remained in her body.

Dr. Kristen Roman of the medical examiner's office told Alice Newman the toxicology report revealed more than six times the safe amount of methyl salicylate in her daughter's blood.

...Ok, how can this be true??? There MUST be more to this story. Arielle Newman must have been blind or something, thus, leading to her repeatedly mistaking toothpaste for BenGay. There is no way Newman was using more BenGay than what I used during my high school days. No way! I lived off BenGay for years. I loved it. How could you not? All pains and aches immediately disappeared after rubbing it all over yourself. Sore arm, sore elbow, sore quads, sore more! Until now, I was always in the belief that BenGay was one of the best inventions/medications ever. Should this news now change my opinion?

Can I Get a Ruling on Amanda Beard?

Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard's Playboy spread has been released (to see all shots, see below link). Quite frankly, I've never seen more airbrushing. In some, she actually resembles an oil painting.

In the end, I want to hear your opinions on Beard. She's often referred to as the sexiest female athlete. I couldn't disagree more. In my expert opinion, Amanda Beard is a 7 (out of 10). She obviously has a body that won't quit (as Norman Orlando would say), but she's got a face like Rebecca Lobo to go with it. If not an athlete, there is no way this chick would make your head swivel. Just not my cup of tea.

Correct me if I'm wrong...

Friday, June 8, 2007

I Am Legend trailer

Will Smith new film looks solid. As far as Nightmare can tell, he is doing a remake of the classic 1971 science fiction thriller "The Omega Man" staring Charlton Hestonth. Rent it tomorrow.
Mike Boyce gives it a solid 3 star.

Overall trailer performance on a scale of 1-5 5 being Braveheart. I give it a 3.5. Lets see what happens.

The Cubs Are Too Pu$$y To Win The World Series

I'm sure all readers are aware of the squabble that took place last week between Cubs' SP Carlos Zambrano and catcher Michael Barrett. I personally thought it was awesome. I've never liked Barrett because he's a sh*tbum sissy and I think Zambrano is an absolute beast. Zambrano essentially d*ckslapped him in the face and Barrett had to go to the hospital with a split lip. WAH! Cry me a river for Christ's sake Barrett. You're supposed to be a professional athlete and you go to the hospital for that? Send a text message to your wife and ask for your balls back, pal. If it isn't bad enough that your catcher is about as tough as a fourth grade girl, here was Zambrano's response to the incident nearly a week later:

"He came to me the next day, and he apologized and I apologized to him and we cried," a teary-eyed Zambrano said after he beat the Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday. "I still love him."

To this, Barrett responded:

"It was over the moment it happened for me. There were no hard feelings," Barrett told reporters. "I totally understand how things like that can happen. And like I said, I love him enough to move forward."

Ummmmmmmm ok, I guess thats cool. Whats next, team crying night? Do they listen to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" before games to get amped? Do they watch "Thelma and Louise" on bus trips and all join hands at the end? I'm disgusted. They should have used this incident as a rallying point and translated some of that anger to performance on the field. Instead, they used it as a team 'coming out party'. No wonder Sweet Lou is losing his friggin' mind.


Boston Sports Hero of the Week - Mike Greenwell

"If You Ain't a Gator, You're Gator Bait." Mike Greenwell was the reason I loved baseball in the late 80's and early 90's. I used to immatate his toe tap stance in street ball. I had this pervert's "Gator Country" posters all over my walls. Mike Greenwell was a lifetime Boston Red Sox player. My favorite part about Greenwell is the fact that he's still lobbying to become the 1988 AL MVP due to the fact that he was runner up to Jose Canseco (who obviously has admitted to using steroids and doesn't deserve $hit).

"Every time you renegotiate a contract, if you're an MVP, you have a different level of bargaining power. But in honesty, I don't care about the money. I respect what Jose did in the game. I don't respect that [he used steroids], but I do understand how these guys get caught up in it. There is so much pressure to perform that guys are willing to do anything to stay on top,"

In 1996, Mike Greenwell made Major League history. The Gator drove in all 9 runs in a 9-8 victory over the Seattle Mariners. That is the Major League record for a player that drove in all of his team's runs in a single game. And f*ck the croc hunter....the Gator was wrestling beasts back before the croc hunter ever even thought about getting a blow job from an alligator. The man was a back bone in a lineup of mediocre Red Sox lineups, but he was able to compose a lifetime average of .303 over his 12 year major league career....a number that is not easily attained over such a long stretch of time. He also played the hell out of the Green Monster. There was no fear in the eyes of the Gator. He used to run into the wall much like I used to run through walls, tables, and whatever else was in my way in college. Not to get off course.....but f*ckin A, I miss college. I miss girls in sweat pants. I miss punching holes in walls and keg stands. I miss gettin' real weird and seeing that chick the next day in the cafeteria.

Long live the Gator. He was a big part of the fiesty Red Sox squads of the late 80's/early 90's. Do your best impersonation of the Greenwell toe tap in your cubicles, and get fired. 'Cuz all you jerkoffs have to work, and I'm off to the beach. Later b*tches.

I'd French the Hell Out of This French Broad

Jennifer Lamiraqui is a French model that models underwear and other scantily clad undergarments in France. Frankly, I don't really give a care what her profession is. I'm posting pictures of her because I'm horny as hell, and I'd probably get off as soon as I heard her accent say, "Please leave me alone you creep." If there is a girl that is 10% this hot at the beach today, there is a good chance I'll leave in hand cuffs in the back of a cruiser. I have an appetite for destruction, I'm thirsty, I'm still blacked out from last night, and I'm gonna get weird today....real weird.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

F*ck You Shannon Stewart

I have a new arch nemesis. When I heard that Curt Schilling had a no/no through 7 innings, I drove 67 MPH in a 35MPH zone, ignoring the safety of any mutt trying to get home after work, and plopped myself right in front of my TV to catch the final two innings on what could have been the greatest day in my last 3 years. After a 1, 2, 3 8th inning.....I nervously paced around my living room, and contemplated punching myself in the face because I was so fired up. NESN didn't cut to commercial break as usual, so I broke into a full on sweat....and the butterflies were shaking around like Shakira's a$$ was in my stomach. I watched Curt Schilling warm up, he was focused, yet cool on the mound. Down goes Kotsay (who looks like he just hit the wonder blunt), down goes Kendall (hit a home run once a year you f*cking pathetic loser), and next up comes the ugliest bastard ever to walk the planet, Shannon Stewart. First of way this guy should break up a no hit bid. 2 outs, the bottom of the 9th...and Shannon "F*cking" Stewart ruins my day? I was speechless. It was a key victory for a ball club that has been struggling over their last 5 games. I wish it was a decent ball player that broke it up. Shannon Stewart is a goddamn scrub. Nice name, Shannon. You have a friggin' chick's name. You probably have a dress on right now, with high heels to tranny. I could care less if you rock a hammer in your, you're a prick. Rot in hell.

V Double O: Fastest Rapper in the UK?

Not to steal any of Slowstuff's thunder as it is known he is the resident hip-hop expert of the site. But I ran across this guy on, and think he is fairly ill. I don't know much about him except that he's from north London. Let me know what you think...

Happy Birthday, Anna...

Anna Kournikova is 26 today. That is all...Cheers!

Carl Pavano Must Be a Born Loser...

In an effort to make this a short and sweet statement....look at the fiancee that just left him. Gia Allemand is a piece of a$$. No wonder this jerkoff can't pitch anymore. If I lost a chick that looked like this, I'd probably tuck it between my legs too! Way to go Carl!

Remember These Names

As the June 7th MLB Draft is now upon us, remember these names...

  • RICK PORCELLO, RHP, Seton Hall Prep (pictured above)
  • MATT LAPORTA, 1B, Florida

If the Yankees land the 6'5" Porcello at God as my witness, I will lose complete control of myself as I throw back countless drinks at whatever scene the NYC night thrusts upon me.

If you haven't heard of these two studs...then, to be blunt about it, you need to step your game up! You clearly don't follow the game of baseball.

By all accounts, Porcello (think Justin Verlander on steroids...figuratively, of course) is the second best prospect in this draft (trailing only Vanderbilt's David Price). The X-factor? Scott Borus represents Porcello. Thus, major signability concerns come with Porcello's name. That is, of course, unless you are the Red Sox or Yankees! Too bad the Sox don't pick until #55.

On the other hand, LaPorta would be a welcomed consolation prize, as he is largely considered the best pure hitter in the draft.

Who will the Sox draft 55th overall? Potentially NC State's Andrew Brackman. High risk, high reward. What am I thinking?? Because Red Sox Nation is so overwhelmingly knowledgable (insert cough), I'm SURE they know everything about Brackman. For that reason, I digress (in other words, run to Google)...

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Midget Cage Match

I think the title and video speak for itself...


Allison Stokke's Where It's at Chieftain....Go Watch More Softball....

Upon re-reading Chieftain's argument for the hottest college athlete, I saw him mention a few names...and the name Allison Stokke was immediately googled....and I can't believe what I saw. This girl is a senior in high school (God, I just felt like a friggin' perv typing that), but she makes that University of Arizona softball player look like large Marge from Pee Wee's Big Adventure. This girl is an absolute smoke show. She's committed to UC Berkley next year and will receive a full scholarship in the sport of......ummmmmmmmmm.............POLE VAULTING!!!!!!! The argument is over. Sorry. Game over. She makes her living with a pole, Chieftain. That's all anyone reading this sorry excuse for a website needs to know. They're all happy now.
Allison Stokke is an 18-year-old senior at Newport Harbor in the OC. As far as I'm concerned....if you're deserve the right to be blogged. Can anyone get their hands on a time machine so I can go back to 1999 and show this girl what a 165 pound shell of his current self can do to such a dime? Can someone please tell me why I didn't go to college in California again? Worst mistake of my life. F*CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pervert Alert to the AFC East

Trent Green is finally going to be sketching out chicks and dudes in the city where the heat is on...he's going to Miami...bienvenidos a Miami. Apparently, you can own a decent starting QB in the NFL for a 5th round draft pick....which makes me wonder why franchises like Detroit, Buffalo, and other teams with miserable QB's wouldn't have gotten into the pervert sweepstakes. Trent Green is a good quarterback. He has had to throw the ball to complete retards since arriving to Kansas City in 2001. Now he can throw to a stud like Chris Chambers (who is absolutely filthy), Marty Booker, and the newly drafted Ted Ginn, Jr. He must be pulling his pud to game film as we speak.

All that being said, as a die hard Pats fan...part of me hopes he gets tapped in the helmet during the pre-season and his brain turns into mush. I'm not wishing injury on the guy (cough)...but if he loses his marbles and thinks he is a drag queen from August-January....I'm not going to complain. Seriously, why does Trent Green look like the biggest pervert I've ever seen? He looks like a guy that should be on "Days of Our Lives" rather than a guy that should be allowed to be a field general. I'm saying he smokes pole....a lot of pole.

Hey Dante na na na na na....hey hey hey....GOOODBYEEEEEEE!!!!!!! You sorry excuse for a human.

Instead of Sitting Under a Mango Tree....

Mets ace Pedro Martinez threw a 31 pitch bullpen session and reported no problems on Tuesday. These were the first pitches he has thrown since undergoing shoulder surgery eight months ago, and Pedro was reportedly "ecstatic" about the way he felt. He was originally scheduled to throw a 25 pitch session, but after getting a small amount of "Soul Glow" in his eyes from his jerry curls, and a sip from a wild mango, Pedro threw an additional 6 pitches. All this while he imagined how much smut he'd watch on his 199 inch TV later on that night. When Pedro comes back, he's determined to be the "Pedro of old." Let me be the first to say that will never happen again. I still think he can be a dominating force, especially in the NL....but the Pedro that used to dial 97, 98 on the gun...and be unhittable....he left his rotator cuff on the mound at Fenway Park. Thanks for your efforts Pedro, you mutt. I'll root for you when you pitch in late July/early August...just don't have that diva attitude. Keep your yapper shut and help the Mets win.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Say It Ain't So, Paulie

After reading some of the blogs out there in the blogosphere (Bill Simmons' in particular) and talking to people in genera,l one of the more popular theories going into the final episode of the Sopranos is that Paulie Walnuts is going to be the downfall of Tony. I want to be clear that I did not come up with this theory before anyone jumps all over me, I'm just addressing and hoping to start a dialogue...

It makes sense though. The attempt on Phil's life was botched. Is it a coincidence that Paulie was the only senior member of the family that didn't get whacked? Although this would be a great end of the story and ultimately would result in 'good TV' on a completely 'getting caught up in the show' moment, I would be shocked and appalled by Paulie's actions. I realize he thought he was shown a lack of respect by Tony while he was in the clinker, which is consequently when he began to develop his relationship with Johnny Sack and ratted out Ralphie for making fun of Johnny's wife. But Johnny Sack isn't the boss of the family anymore and Phil is a two-faced, sh*tbum twerp.

I would be utterly floored if Paulie wound up being a no-good homo snitch. Through the years, Paulie has perpetuated every stereotype that is associated with being Italian and in the mafia, and for that I will always love him. Not to mention he's dropped some of the best 'one-liners' that show has ever heard. If you're looking to laugh your @ss off, click on the link below which will bring you to a sound-board of Paulie's best sayings throughout the show.....Enjoy!


Top 25 SP's in MLB

In putting together these rankings, heavy emphasis was put on recent success (specifically, the 2005 & 2006 seasons), the current season, the future which lies ahead, the league in which they pitch, and one's health resume. Essentially, my basis came down to which 25 pitchers you would trust most with the ball in their hands...going forward (in 2007 and beyond, to a much lesser degree).

(Disclaimer: These are not fantasy rankings)

(It should be noted that these rankings were not made on a whim, as I studied and analyzed every meaningful stat out there -- PECOTA peripherals, defined ERA+ numbers, replacement value, PERA stats, EqERA stats, etc.)

1. Johan Santana: 6-5, 3.30 ERA, 91 K's
2. Jake Peavy: 7-1, 1.68 ERA, 92 K's
3. Roy Oswalt: 6-4, 3.20 ERA, 57 K's
4. Brandon Webb: 5-3, 3.39 ERA, 75 K's
5. Roy Halladay: 5-2, 3.90 ERA, 45 K's
6. John Lackey: 9-3, 2.37 ERA, 65 K's
7. John Smoltz: 7-2, 2.82 ERA, 65 K's
8. C.C. Sabathia: 8-1, 3.78 ERA, 75 K's
9. Josh Beckett: 8-0, 2.95 ERA, 59 K's
10. Chien-Ming Wang: 4-4, 4.19 ERA, 25 K's
11. Dan Haren: 6-2, 1.70 ERA, 70 K's
12. Carlos Zambrano: 5-5, 5.62 ERA, 51 K's
13. Erik Bedard: 4-3, 3.73 ERA, 95 K's
14. Cole Hamels: 8-2, 3.55 ERA, 91 K's
15. Ben Sheets: 6-3, 3.51 ERA, 48 K's
16. Justin Verlander: 5-2, 3.44 ERA, 50 K's
17. Felix Hernandez: 3-3, 4.10 ERA, 42 K's
18. Jeremy Bonderman: 5-0, 3.27 ERA, 60 K's
19. Rich Hill: 4-4, 2.89 ERA, 63 K's
20. Tim Lincecum: 2-0, 4.05 ERA, 39 K's
21. Andy Pettitte: 3-4, 2.96 ERA, 41 K's
22. Chris Carpenter: 0-1, 7.50 ERA, 3 K's
23. Scott Kazmir: 3-3, 3.95 ERA, 71 K's
24. Barry Zito: 6-5, 3.87 ERA, 44 K's
25. Matt Cain: 2-5, 3.42 ERA, 54 K's

Others which garnered consideration (in no particular order):
Harang, Schilling, Clemens, Jered Weaver, Chris Young, Hudson, Willis, Harden (way too injury prone...and likely bullpen-bound)

...I tried being COMPLETELY objective (if you know me, you know it pained me to drop Wang all the way down to #10). Where do we agree/disagree???

(As I'm writing this, the Red Sox just tied the the 9th, on a Wily Mo Pena single. Francona is managing this team perfectly this year, thus far. It makes me sick.) Goodnight!

Monday, June 4, 2007

The Win Column's Pickle of the Day - Johnny Depp

Apparently, making out with girls I'd cut my left index finger off for was "awkward" for Captain Jack Sparrow during his Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest filming. In an interview with New Magazine, Depp reveals why he should just completely have a sex change operation immediately:

"The smooches are always so awkward, especially because Keira and I have never been in that kind of situation together. She's, like, three and I'm a thousand! We've known each other for a few years and suddenly it was, 'Are you ready for this?' And you just do it. It becomes more like a stunt in a way. She was a great sport about it."

This is some of the most ridiculous $hit I've ever heard. You are a 43-year-old man kissing a 22-year-old smoke show....and you have a problem doing so? Huh? Someone punch me in the friggin' face. Kiera Knightley is insannnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Too hot to handle, too cold to fold. Come to find out that Depp didn't even want the kissing scene in the movie, but rather it was Knightley who begged the director to get her a scene where she could tongue the hell out of her crush. Wow, Johnny Depp is one huge pickle. He could have gotten her to do unthinkable things in his trailer, nevermind just settling for a little tonsil hockey. He was probably too busy trimming his beard, or trying to sharpen the blades on his Edward Scissor Hands. I hope I speak for all the fellas reading this when I say...hey're a goddamn pickle. Go kiss a dude for Christ's sake. Way to pu$$y out of getting real weird with an absolute 10. You jerk.

Slice Me and Dice Me

New photos have surfaced of a pre-rehab Lindsay Lohan all coked up, whacked out, and playing with a knife. What she is also playing with is a smokin' hot chick. Who is that girl? Can someone tell me why Lindsay Lohan is pretending to slash throats? Can that same person or people explain to me why I think these photos are the hottest things I've seen in a long time? I would give these two the greatest 41 seconds of their life. I actually dig these psycho pics. I'd be willing to sit there and watch these chicks fake cut each other and play tongue darts with each other all night long. I'd even be willing to sit in a corner all creepy in a rocking chair, in the dark, while these two played Freddy vs. Jason.

Again, who is the dime that obviously got her salad tossed by Lohan later that night. I'd be willing to bet there isn't a single thing that she wouldn't do in the bedroom. And I'd be willing to bet that 99.4% of the jerks that visit this site would have no problem with her sticking a finger or two up there for a prostate exam. Yes, we're living in a sick world. Deal with it.

Phillip Wellman Should Report to Yankee Stadium Immediately

In case you haven't seen this riddiculous clip yet, I'm still laughing. Phillip Wellman coaches the AA Mississippi Braves....and over the weekend...he lost his friggin marbles after not getting a strike call. And when I mean he flips his goddamn lid...I'm talking this guy should probably rip off his shirt, chug a Bud Light, and take a bow for America. This guy is an absolute riot. This guy barrel crawled to the mound like it was Vietnam and threw a rosen bag as a grenade. That's phenomenal. Had that been a real grenade, that umpire would have been blown all over the first three rows like a member of the Vietcong. So here's to you Phil. I'm not sure if I've ever seen such a long tirade by a manager that involved ripping out the bases and walking off the field with them. This guy should be instantly promoted and glorified. If MLB thinks "Sweet Lou" Pinella is a mess....let's get Phil into Yankee stadium and see what he does after the Yankees continue their abortion of a season.

Someone get this guy a cold brew, a hooker, some Viagra, and let him float naked down the Mississippi River like Huck Finn while thousands of inbreds flock to the shore to celebrate his performance.

Hoooooray for June 4th!

Why hooray for June 4th? Well you might have guessed from the pictures that on this day back in 1975, the good Lord blessed this planet by having Marcheline Bertrand poop out one of the hottest chick these eyes have ever seen. Yes its true, they really broke the mold with Jolie. Back in my younger days when I used to be holed up in my room playing playing Tomb Raider for an obscene amount of time, I often would pause the game and admire Lara Crofts fine physique (occasionally rub one out), but ultimately pray to God that he would somehow create a real life version of Lara. I knew my prayers were futile because there was no way possible to create a chick with that small a waist, huge cans, and perfectly shaped legs. I think you know where I'm going with this. Jolie redefined what the female form can and should be. In closing, I'd like to say...Angelina if you're reading this, I want to let you know I would french kiss the hell out of you. I used to play a woodwind instrument so I have amazing tongue control. Don't say anything right now, just think about it. Enjoy....

Why Do Baseball Managers Wear Uniforms?

This "tradition" goes all the way back to the 1850's. Rounders, a sport which contributed to the invention of modern day baseball, was played by amateurs acting as both players and self-appointed coaches.

According to The Straight Dope...

In baseball, the "captain" was almost uniformly a member of the team until after the turn of the century. Most teams may, indeed, have had men serving as "manager," but their job was not to guide the team on the field; rather, the manager took care of travel arrangements and served more as a team's traveling secretary than anything else.

After the turn of the century, those guys who had formerly been captains of their teams, unwilling to depart from the game entirely when they were no longer capable of playing it, began to be sought after to manage the teams on the field. This would seem sensible, as these folks had years of experience with the nuances of the game, and leaving the decision-making to someone in the dugout allowed the players to concentrate on ... well, playing.

Apparently, the habit of wearing a uniform wasn't something the new managers were too keen on abandoning - so they didn't. The notable exception was Connie Mack (pictured above), legendary manager of the Philadelphia Athletics, who in his later years never left the dugout. Why? Because in their infinite wisdom, the Lords of Baseball had decided that if it was good enough to be a tradition, it was good enough to be a rule. Mack liked suits. Baseball didn't like anyone not in a uniform on the field.

This rule, however, appears to be more of a league edict than a "rule." The only reference to such things in the official rules of major league baseball is a 1957 rule requiring coaches to be in uniform, specifically referring to first and third-base coaches. It's suspected that the rule has been interpreted to mean any person whose presence on the field fills a coaching capacity.

...So, essentially, it all boils down to tradition???? If so, then why don't the pitchers hit in the AL? Why are double-headers only reserved for make-up games? Why have day games nearly become extinct? Hmmmm....sounds like the convenient answer to me.

Personally, I think these managers look absurd. Put them in more professional attire...and maybe their behavior will follow suit (yes, that means Ozzie Guillen, Lou Pinella, etc). You don't think such a move has helped the image of the NBA (the players' dress code)?? Think again.

Seriously, imagine Andy Reid in shoulder pads every Sunday? Imagine Lawrence Frank showing up to the Continental Airlines Arena in short shorts every night? Sounds ridiculous, right? Exactly!

Sarah Silverman Blasts Paris Hilton Live

I've never been a fan of Sarah Silverman...her humor just doesn't do it for me.

Anyways, I must admit...this clip of Silverman roastin' Paris Hilton at the MTV Awards is pretty damn funny.

My favorite part of the clip is Jack Nicholson's reaction. Classic.

(Disclaimer: The language in this clip is not safe for work).

I Love You Rachael Spector, the "RGX Bodyspray Girl".

Again, which site fulfills your "needs" on a day-to-day basis more so than The Win Column??

Sunday, June 3, 2007

A-Rod Only Hits Meaningless Home Runs


(I can't even begin to imagine where the Yanks would be without baseball's best all-around player)...

Rivera = Game Over. Bet on it! Leave now to beat the traffic...

Watch "The Matsuzaka's" Flee...

With all the mayhem going on in baseball these days (Zambrano/Barrett incident, Pinella's explosion, and the debacle created by the Braves' AA manager), it seems fitting to post this clip. Hysterical.

From what I understand, this incident occurred in 1990. The African-American whom chases "Matsuzaka" around is actually Rod Allen (he briefly played for the 1984 World Champion Detroit Tigers). Allen currently works as an announcer/analyst for the Tigers on FSN.

(Much thanks to Johnny B. for the video).

Johnnie Morton Maintains His "Reputation"

Over the weekend, Johnnie Morton got JACKED UP. Believe that!

In a matter of 38 seconds, Morton was "Mientkiewicz'd" by a former stand-up comedian. Yes, you read that correctly.

Johnnie...your performance gives football a bad name.

As odd as it may sound, maybe Matt Millen was finally right about something...most specifically, when he referred to Morton as a "faggot" (see below link).

It Was Only A Matter Of Time

Well, the inevitable Mike Vick / Ron Mexico dog fighting T-shirts have hit the eBay market.

I fully expect Lytedogg to be rockin' one of these the next time we see each other. Don't let me down...