Friday, August 3, 2007

USA Today Releases Its Preseason Coaches' Poll

1. USC
2. LSU
3. Florida
4. Texas
5. Michigan
6. West Virginia
7. Wisconsin
8. Oklahoma
9. Virginia Tech
10. Ohio State
11. Louisville
12. California
13. Georgia
14. Auburn
15. Tennessee
16. Rutgers
17. UCLA
18. Penn State
19. Nebraska
20. Arkansas
21. Florida State
22. TCU
23. Boise State
24. Hawaii
25. Texas A&M

* I have long nabbed West Virginia's STEVE SLATON as this year's Heisman. Speed kills! Teamed with the mobile Patrick White for another season, Rich Rodriguez's spread option offense is going to be dynamic.

** Breakout Sleeper: California QB NATE LONGSHORE. Not familiar with the name? You will be. When it comes to developing QB's, Cal coach Jeff Tedford is a genius. You heard it here...the Golden Bears are going to be nasty this year!

*** Want another sleeper that sure's to be a stud by season's end? Look no further than Clemson RB CJ SPILLER. For my money, this true sophomore is the most explosive player in the country.

**** Most underrated team in the country? In a word...Nebraska.

***** Most overrated team in the country? Michigan. Why? Because you shouldn't be ranked in the top 5 when you've lost 8 starters on defense. Want more? Lloyd Carr is the worst coach in the Big-10. Yes, the WORST in the entire conference. Mike Hart should have left after his junior year. Just watch his draft stock plummet as the season progresses. I promise. All Michigan has is Chad Henne. Nothing else!


Anonymous said...

I know you work, so how do you find the time to do all this at 11:10 am, on a Friday?

Chieftain said...

Off today.

ragin razorbacks said...

If speed kills...Darren McFadden will walk away with the Heisman this year. Fuck the Mountaineers.

Ridin' Dirty said...

That is the absolute biggest pile of DOG$HIT analysis I have ever seen! West Virginia is a JOKE program. They are 5-9 vs. ranked teams since 2002. The Big East is worse than the Old Colony League & Atlantic Coast League.

UCAL Coach Tedford is more of a fraud! Akili Smith, AJ Feeley, Joey Harrington, Trent Dilfer, Aaron Rodgers, Kyle Boller. Trent is the only one to have done anything in the NFL and that was marginal. He plays an AIR IT OUT offense so its no surprise they QBs put up #s but then they can't deliver when the competition becomes tough. USC is the QB factory in the Pac-10.

Chieftain said...

I didn't realize we were analyzing the NFL here.

Jeff Tedford creates stud collegiate QB's. Fact! You proved that point.

Ridin' Dirty said...

Ha! Matt Ryan at BC is twice the QB that Nate Longshore is. GROW UP! BC has had 4 different coaches in the last 20 years or so and they have had SICK QBs. So 1 coach at 1 school that does $hit isn't worth mentioning.

Lytedogg said...

BC has had sick QB's???? Like who? Hasselbeck? You can only ride the Flutie train for so long, who else has been above average for them?

Chieftain said...

USC is all of a sudden a QB Because of Carson Palmer?

Matt Leinart only cares about bangin' broads and hanging out in Hollywood. He could care less if he becomes a solid pro. He got paid, so now he's onto "bigger" opportunities. Could he become a good QB? Sure. But, to say that USC is a "QB factory" at this point in time is ABSURD.

For the record, John David Booty sucks. He wilts under pressure. If he loses a SINGLE game this year, he will (and should) go down as a failure. USC is THAT loaded.

Who said a damn word about Matt Ryan??? I'm confused.

Longshore is a major sleeper. Ryan is not, as evidenced by the fact that he was just named the preseason favorite for ACC Player of the Year. So, please...enlighten me with something that I don't know.

Chieftain said...

As for Ragin' Razorbacks comment...

McFadden is sick. No question about it. However, Arkansas isn't going to duplicate last season's success this year. I don't think they're that good. For that reason alone, I can't foresee McFadden taking home the Heisman.

Anonymous said...

Dude, the Razorbacks don't need to be lights out for mcfadden to win the heisman. Anyone that knows anything about football should know he is the best collegiate football player...hands down. He's as talented as I've seen in the last 10 years.

Chieftain said...


When's the last time the favorite won the Heisman?

...It very rarely happens. Fact.

Chieftain said...

McFadden fan -

Like I already pointed out, I'm not taking anything away from him. He's sick.

But, you obviously missed his last 2 games (vs. Florida & Wisconsin, aka 'top competition'), in which he disappeared and was CONTINUOUSLY stuffed. In those games, he had 1 long run...and his other carries netted as many yards as most readers could have gained.

But, then again..."anyone that knows anything about about football should know he is the best collegiate football player". Great analysis. I love how you made no distinct points and laid out zero facts. You've got a future in this business.

By the way, Ricky Williams says "hello".

Anonymous said...

I don't need stats you piss ant. All I need is two eyes to see that McFadden is and will be the best player in college football this year. He didn't rush well against Florida and Wisconsin? The #5 and #6 ranked teams in Total Defense. Florida was ranked #5 in Rush D, while Wisconsin was #35 (which isn't that bad considering they are in a conference that is primarily run first, early and often).

What about rushing for 182 yards against an insane rush defense versus LSU (ranked 14th against the rush, but they play lights out D)?

I can't hear you anymore Chieftain. Without your stats, all you are is overly opinionated to the point that it is nauseating.

Chieftain said...

People that are uneducated and don't have a clear message to convey revert to name calling.

As I've maintained all along, McFadden is very, very good. He'll likely be a top 5 pick in this year's NFL Draft (and deservedly so, as he reminds me of Priest Holmes).

Now, do I think Slaton will be a star in the NFL? No, I don't. But, there is a HUGE difference b/w college and the pros. In collge, speed kills! In the NFL, speed is required...b/c EVERY position can fly. From the sound of it, it comes across that you fail to recognize the difference.

I simply don't think the favorite will take home the Heisman this year. Your "piss ant" remarks fail to convince me otherwise.

Simply Suds said...

I don't know Chieftain, those are some serious stats you just got hit with. 187 yards against the # 5 ranked rush defense? How does someone have enough time to look that up????? Piss ant? That guy must be from England. Bend your dick like Beckham.