Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dan Rodricks Is A Big Fat Turd

From Dan Rodricks at The Sun in Baltimore:

Here's my prediction: Red Sox will choke. It's going to get really ugly. It's going to be historic. The Curse Resurrectio. They'll not only lose the AL East. They won't get a wild-card bid. Yanks will finish first in the East, the Tigers in the Central and the Angels in the West. The Indians will be the wild-card. The Orioles will make a run and finish strong -- edging out the Jays and the Sox into second place right behind the Yankees. There, it's done. I said it. I'm gonna live with it. I've started the Bosox Choke Watch.

He goes on to say in a later post:

All together, Orioles fans, let's gather around your MASN tonight and send our collective orange-and-black karma to Boston with the Birds so they have a lovely run against the Sox, who we are eager to see choke again. Remember, this is what that franchise is notorious for. (The Orioles haven't won a World Series in 24 years, but they've been in six since 1966 and won three of them. The Red Sox have only won one Series in nearly 90 years. Never has a franchise gotten so much hype for such little achievement, and who have the Sox put into the Hall of Fame lately?)

Anyway, we're rooting for our Orioles, and hoping the Sox return to their old ways. Can't happen, you say? In 1978, what was the Sox lead over the Yankees at the All-Star break? 14 games? Yeah, somethin' like that. Something sick. And hopefully it will happen again.

The worst thing about this fat turd is that he is originally from East Bridgewater and went to college in Connecticut. How 'bout a little hometown love? Not to mention his remarks about HIS Orioles! "They'll make a run and finish strong" -- what the hell is that supposed to mean? They stink worse than last weeks diapers. I'm pretty sure any decent high school team in the country could give them a run for their money. Anyways, I'm confident that we have some of the smartest, most articulate readership out there, and if these above comments grind your gears as much as they did mine, I've included ole' Danny's email below...


(This story was brought to my attention by http://thissuitisnotblack.blogspot.com/, and I obtained the content from http://www.baltimoresun.com/)


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Simply Suds said...

Well, that's going to be awfully tough seeing as that I was at a bar last night blacked out with slowstuff and the commodore in the heart of washington, dc and there were 5 times as many red sox fans watching the game. I haven't even seen anyone rock any orioles gear. But I have seen and conquered $2 bud light bottles.

Off to Nashville...talk to you mutts soon. Fuck this orioles prick.