Monday, July 30, 2007

Bill Walsh Loses Battle With Leukemia

The Win Column sends its condolences to the friends, family, and former teammates of legendary football coach Bill Walsh, who lost his battle with leukemia today at the age of 75. Elected as a Hall-of-Famer in 1993, Walsh won 3 championships with the San Francisco 49ers (1981, 1984, 1988), and is responsible for drafting three of the greatest players ever to play their respective positions in Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Ronnie Lott.

Walsh completely changed the game of football with his vertical passing philosophy. "The West Coast Offense" completely changed both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Not only did Walsh win championships with the offense, but coaches he groomed and taught have won numerous championships using much of the same philosophy (see chart above - in order to enlarge it, click on the chart). The game of football will forever be a better game because Bill Walsh left his mark on the sport.

And don't even get me started on his Sega Genesis game....Bill Walsh's College Football was lights out. Bo Jackson was unstoppable with Auburn '83. Rest in peace, Bill Walsh.

***Bill Walsh's coaching chart courtesy of Wikipedia

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