Thursday, August 2, 2007

Who's Uglier?

Here at The Win Column, we have strayed upon a new game called "Who's Uglier". To kick this game off, I ask you ..... Who is ugliest?

A. Nelson De La Rosa (Pedro's deceased weird friend for those of you not "with the times")

B. Dwayne Johnson's "The Rock" daughter, Simone

C. Smeagol, from "Lord of the Rings"

I would have to say that The Rock's daughter has this one in the bag! I mean, he must have slept with a half retarded killer wombat to produce something this beautiful! Good job, Rock...and thanks for giving all the kiddies out there another reason to stay away from steroids!


SlowStuff said...

Iwould have to say c. But who really cares! The Win Column is back!!!!!! Strong as evaaaaa!!

Sam Cassell said...

Nelson de la Rosa is the ugliest human to grace this earth. He's a race all by himself.

Compared to Nelson, I'm JFK.

beyonce said...

Nelson de la Rosa is the ugliest little Dominican prick to ever walk the earth. He probably never showered either and smelled like rotten eggs.

Ridin' Dirty said...

The Rock's daughter has feet bigger than Steina. I kinda hope she doesn't have cancer.