Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday Morning Pump-Up Session

NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER. Clearly no KARATE KID, but still an 80's classic nevertheless.

"Tonight, he either fights for his life or he'll be running for the rest of it."

Can anyone explain what's going on around the 50 second mark of this clip? Why the hell is Jason Stillwell giving his buddy pelvic thrusts, all while his buddy goes down on his ice cream bar?? Very awkward scene.

For the record, I believe the background track is Kevin Chalfant's "Hold on to the Vision in your Eyes".

(The idea behind this post came from AOL'S FANHOUSE blog)


sticky wicket said...

That is by far the WORST, and by worst I mean BEST, training montage I've ever seen. Who the f*ck works out in a room full of heavy bags and mood candles? Creepy.

Nightmare's Bathroom Was Full of Pubes said...

was the scene with the spring-resistant punches filmed in the Westwood house?