Thursday, August 2, 2007

Scarlett Johansson does Louis Vuitton

Glamorous! As Johansson became the face and spokesperson for Louis Vuitton in early 2005, this is the third ad campaign in which she has been featured (the others being Spring 2005 and Spring 2007).

It's been a very long day (at least I feel that way), so sit back and sink your teeth in this dime.


Ridin' Dirty said...

How about:

Scarlett Johansson does RIDIN' DIRTY f^ck that squid Louis Vuitton.

Chieftain said...

And, to all anonymous posters out here -- no, I did not get these pics from hollywoodtuna, nor did I take the slogan from them (just as I'm sure they didn't take it from us).

Just stating the facts here - our post was up a good hour beforehand.

End of rant - just wanted to clarify that we don't take other site's work w/o crediting them.

SlowStuff said...