Sunday, July 29, 2007

Brittany Daniel Is Dope

Sunday equals fun day, right? So if you guys are cruising the site today, then feast your eyes on the wonder that is Brittany Daniel...and rub one out after the Sox game. If you don't, she'll be a great way to kick off your Monday. You might recognize the face because she's been around awhile. One of her most notable early appearances came in Basketball Diaries when she starred as 'Blinky'. To refresh your memory, it's the scene where Jim Carroll (Leo DiCaprio) goes to a Manhattan apartment and does coke for the first time and consequently plows the hell out of 'Blinky'.

Daniel was also in Joe Dirt, White Chicks, Dawson's Creek and a crap load of the old school doublemint gum commercials. And if she wasn't hot enough already, she has an identical twin. Happy viewing!



Chieftain said...

Brittany Daniel with short hair (see her time in Joe Dirt and Dawson's Creek) cracks my top 10.

She's got that look like she just wants to be thrown around.

danny ainge said...

i love beaver

Jerry Remy said...

Buenos tardes amigos !