Monday, July 30, 2007

Jermaine Dye May Change His Sox

Per today.....

A major league source said a short time ago that chances were “pretty good” that the Red Sox would complete a deal with the Chicago White Sox for outfielder Jermaine Dye. In exchange for Dye, the White Sox would get Wily Mo Pena and a minor league pitching prospect (not Clay Buchholz or Jon Lester).

Ok, where do I sign???????? Get this deal done already. I'm a huge fan of Dye, as he'll be able to provide the power that J.D. Drew apparently lost when he decided to get off the sauce and shrink. It does make things pretty crowded in right/center field....but who cares? It's all about depth, and it's all about getting someone that can mash behind Manny in the order. Manny is carrying this team offensively right now, and might have to for the rest of the year with Big Papi clearly hurtin' pretty bad with his torn meniscus. Don't even get me started on Wily Mo Pena.....I am pretty sure he closes his eyes when he swings....he's an abortion at the plate.

Exchange your black socks for red ones, Dye. You'll be on a flight to Boston within 48 hours, guaranteed. If they get this deal done, it's a great move by the Red Sox front office.

***On a side note....Jermaine is pullin' a nice piece of tail in that picture. Chances are he rocks a hammer in his pants, and this girl never saw it coming !!!!!!


jermaine dye said...

she saw it coming. dont let her fool you.

Chieftain said...

If that "pitching prospect" is either Michael Bowden or Masterson, then Theo is getting HOSED by Kenny Williams.

Dye is a 2 month rental that is batting .235 on the year!!

FYI...Bowden is a better prospect than Lester. And, it's not close.

Ozzie Guillen said...

You should see him in the shower. Es grande !

Anonymous said...

"Hosed" is a little over the top Chieftain. It's about winning now, and Dye gives the Sox the best chance to win now. All other areas of this current Sox team are solid, and Theo will not be giving up Ellsbury, Lester, Buchholz. If the Sox pull this off, it's a good move, not great move, but a good move.

Chieftain said...

No argument there - if Dye can regain his confidence/form, he certainly makes them a better team now, but are his services worth it?

After all, he's going to be platooned b/w RF, LF, and possibly 1B/DH. Is a .235 "rental" hitter (that clearly possesses much better potential than what he has shown this year) worth a potential #2/#3 SP that is a few years away from having an impact? And, they are going to have to part with a legitimate prospect (or two), esp. when you consider that Dye is likely net a team 2 early supplemental draft picks in the 2008 Draft (when he declares for FA - and is not signed by the team he currently plays for).

Giving Wily Mo away (in any type of package deal) is obviously in the best interest of the Sox - he's the Sebastian Telfair of this deal. Similar to how Telfair will be playing overseas in the coming years, Wily Mo will be franchising Gold Gym's in the coming years. When the Sox traded for Wily Mo, I said he'd be out of baseball within 3-4 years. He has the worst appraoch at the plate of any player in MLB. At the time, I was mocked. Crazy, huh?

Anonymous said...

I agree, Wily Mo is terrible, and it's disappointing because he is just so naturally gifted (meaning size and strength), but as you said his approach at the plate is dreadful (straight ball Wily Mo hit very well, but curve ball, bats are afraid)... Also, what tier of a player does Dye fall in if the Sox do get him and he walks after this season? Is it pre-determined, or determined after the player walks?

Chieftain said...

Elias Bureau determines how a FA is classified. A Type A free agent is a player that is ranked in the top 30 percent of the players in their position groups. Teams that lose a Type A free agent are awarded 2 compensation picks. Teams that lose a Type B free agent (players ranked in the top 31-50 percent at their position) are compensated with 1 draft pick.
A player ranked outside of the top 50 percent at his respective position yields his former team no compensation draft picks.
Last year, 47 FA's were determined as Type A free agents. In turn, 45 FA's were considered Type B free agents.

Some Type A's included: Alou, JD Drew, Gary Matthews, Aubrey Huff, David Delucci, Dave Roberts, Kevin Millar, Catalanotto, Mark Loretta, Julio Lugo, Bengie Molina, Piazza, Pettitte, Zito, and Schmidt.

Some Type B's included: Nomar, Frank Thomas, Lofton, Pierre, Shea Hillenbrand, Alex Gonzalez, Adam Kennedy, Mulder, Lilly, Orlando Hernandez, and Meche.

* Barring injury and/or a disastrous remainder of the season, I'd assume Dye would net a team 2 draft picks -- if for nothing else, his power numbers (to me, Frank Thomas is the exception on these lists...esp. when considering how good he was last year -- but, he has been chronically injured in the past).

I hope this helps.