Monday, July 30, 2007

Pacman Jones Doesn't Like Mike Vick Stealing His Headlines

For that reason, News Channel 5 is reporting that Pacman Jones is close to becoming a pro wrestler. This man is so competitive that he refuses to be out-done. Somewhere, TO is pissed!

"Sources said that Pacman has signed or will soon sign a contract with Nashville based TNA, Total Non-stop Action Wrestling, which is headed by Jeff Jarrett of Hendersonville."

This cements it -- Pacman Jones is certifiably insane! Would I ever want he playing for my favorite team? Hell no. But, from a blog perspective...guys like Pacman Jones are gold. Trust me, when The Win Column gets big enough, I'm going to pay people just to follow this man around...and report on his doings 24/7. No??? Well, you obviously are forgetting that Nashville is the home of of tomorrow, the new home of The Commodore. Truly a gift from above...make it happen!

I, for one, can't wait until Pacman "makes it rain" with all the TNA ringside girls...and The Commodore!!!

What's the over/under date on when Tank Johnson signs on to be Pacman's tagteam partner??


Anonymous said...

who is the white guy throwing money around and what is the relation to this blog? is it because pacman throws money around at the titty bars?

Chieftain said...

Yes, the white guy is putting on a clinic as to how one "makes it rain".