Monday, July 30, 2007

Bigger Mogul...Diddy or Jay-Z?

The matchup: Sean John Combs vs. Shawn Corey Carter. Both 37 years old.

In one corner, you have "Diddy" (aka, Sean Combs). To date, he has established Bad Boy Records, has created the Sean John clothing line, owns a movie production company, owns two upscale restaurants, produces MTV's Making the Band, has acted on Broadway, completed the New York Marathon in 2003, has raised $2 million for the New York educational system, dated Jennifer Lopez when in her prime, headed the "Vote or Die" campaign for the 2004 Presidential Election, has been inducted as an honorary member of the Arsenal soccer team, and has won 3 Grammy Awards (nominated for 9 in total).

In turn, he has been criticized for watering down and commercializing hip-hop for a mainstream market and for overusing guest appearances by other artists, as well as samples of past hits for the majority of his own hit songs.

All in all, Puffy is currently the richest hip-hop entertainer, having reeled in a net worth of $346 million.

In the other corner, we've got "Jigga" (aka, Shawn Carter). Jay-Z is one of the owners/founders of the Roc-A-Fella Empire (along with Damon Dash and Kareem "Biggs" Burke), which includes Roc-A-Fella Records, Roc-La-Familia, Roc-A-Fella Films, and Rocawear. Furthermore, he is the President and CEO of Def Jam Recordings, owns the 40/40 Club in NYC and Atlantic City, distributes Armadale (a Scottish vodka), is part-owner of the New Jersey Nets, is said to be considering buying a stake in the aforementioned Arsenal soccer team, serves as co-brand director for Budweiser Select while collaborating with the company on strategic marketing programs and creative ad development, dates Beyonce, and has won 6 Grammy Awards (nominated for 20 in all).

There have been more and more rumors that says Jay-Z will eventually announce he's leaving his position at Def Jam to create a new "super label" with Beyonce...and might take artists such as Nas from Def Jam to his new label. It seems ever likely that Jay-Z will be moving to Columbia Records where partner Beyonce is.

All-in-all, the "Mike Jordan of Mic Recording" is the secondest richest hip-hop entertainer, having a cool net worth estimate of $340 million.

...So, who's the bigger "mogul"? Who's the bigger "brand", in and of himself? Who's currently the face of hip-hop entertainment? In 10 years, who will have pocketed the higher net worth?

...Or, is it Russell Simmons???

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