Thursday, August 2, 2007

Soccer is Stupid

Australian RHAIN DAVIS, all of 9 years old, has signed a contract with Manchester United.

Are you kidding me??? This is absurd, and a mockery of the sport. In all half these frames, Rhain looks like he playing against "Lazy Legs" from the earlier break-dancing post.

Why hasn't Beckham negotiated a deal with the LA Galaxy for his son, Brooklyn, yet? After all, he is 8 years old...and Lord knows that David Beckham is just collecting checks these days.

Somewhere, Danny Almonte says "hello".

(Video seen on DEADSPIN.COM)


Nightmare said...

Being that Norman P. Orlando is away at a Hippie festival I will take this one.

Chieftain, like most times you speak or write about things that you dislike you are being absurd. Like baseball in many countries, soccer around the world has player development schools and leagues.

This kid is most likely signed to an Under 10 Manchester United school. If this is a mockery so is every player development league in every sport across the planet.

If you really want to shit on Soccer find a better argument then someone being accepted to a sports school.

Chieftain said...

Yeah, no shit he was signed to an U-10 team. Nevertheless, arguably the most popular professional soccer team in the world recruits 8-year-olds. I repeat, THAT IS ABSURD.

To play in the NBA, you must be 19. To play in the NFL, you must be 3 years out of high school. The youngest player to ever sign with an MLB team is 15.

So, what was your point again????

Ridin' Dirty said...

Lets talk about the D!LDOS his parents are for naming him Rhain. Sounds like he is one step away from being a Chip N Dale dancer for Gear Night @ Machine.

Plymouth South Middle School Student said...

whoa, whoa, whoa, wait just one second, Chieftain. This isn't a Rhain Davis montage! It's a home video of a 2003 Wheaton Soccer match. Break his knee-caps!

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure Rhain is pronounced like Ryan u retard.