Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Biggest Pu$$y in World?? Guy in White Shirt!

I've watched this street fight at least 10 times thus far. I can't stop watching it...

By my count, the guy took out a grand total of 3 different chumps. Is this correct, or should the final count be 4?

Couple other questions...is this guy tough or is he just a product of his competition? Either way, you've got to give it to him -- he wanted that parking spot in a bad way, and he did what he had to do to defend his territory. No matter your argument, it goes without saying that this guy possesses the classic boxing stance, has fists of fury (a great left), and is very collected throughout the entire altercation (in traffic, no less).

And, what about the stiff in white? He needs to hand in his balls ASAP. Imagine watching yourself on national television...continuously getting knocked down and knocked out via airborne attacks??

Great video.

(For this, much thanks must be extended to THISSUITISNOTBLACK.BLOGSPOT.COM)


sticky wicket said...

That guy wins based on 1 thing: he knows how to fight, and the other guys don't. Chieftain is right, he's composed, and has a sick left hand jab. He also doesn't have a glass jaw, and can take a couple of hits. The only thing I don't like is that he loses his form occasionally, and fights backing up while swinging instead of stepping up and just f*cking crushing those dudes.

Solid fight though, especially considering its 1v4.

the bearded lady said...

he's as tough as norman is a pussy.