Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Eddie House to Provide "Instant O" off Bench

Mark Murphy is reporting that "the Celtics signed free agent guard Eddie House this afternoon to a one-year deal."

Up until this past year, I had always believed in Danny (The Commodore can attest to this, as we have had countless 'Danny Ainge' discussions for years now). Then, I watched this past year in complete despair. Finally, Mr. Ainge is reiterating why I had bought into the hype for so long.


Eddie House is a solid complimentary piece for this team. For 15 minutes a night, House will be called upon to shoot the pill from the outside. His specialty. After all, he shot 43% from behind the arc while playing for New Jersey last season. In short, the 29-year-old veteran is instant energy. Although only 6'1", he can create his own shot -- and doesn't turn the ball over. Because he never drives the lane and doesn't distribute the ball well for a PG, he'll be asked to play on the wing more frequently that one would think. Personally, I view House as more of a natural "2" than "1" (aka, a "tweener"). Let's not forget that both Ray Allen and Paul Pierce are overly capable of handling the ball when called upon to do so...for a few minutes here-and-there.

For the the past, I've seen ESPN's John Hollinger refer to House as a Tony Delk-type of player (a player that all of New England should be familiar with).

And, for what it's worth...while watching Acie Law play these past 2 seasons at Texas A&M, he reminded me of only one other collegiate player -- none other than Eddie House. As college players, they were exact replicas.

Lastly, expect the "finger wave" to become patented in Boston any day now. Yes, Dikembe Mutumbo will be a Celtic.


Ridin' Dirty said...

They need a PG though no? Is Rondo ready?

Chieftain said...

Rondo is their starting PG. No if's, and's, or but's about it.

He's penciled in for 35 minutes every night this year.

Simply Suds said...

People down here hate the 2 days that Boston sports has had. Why not baseball trade talk Chieftain ???? Betemit got your tongue? What a bum!!!!

Chieftain said...

The Yanks didn't need any trades -- they have Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain (arguably the new #1 prospect in ALL of baseball), and Jeff Karstens all ready to contribute any day now. They're guaranteed to make the playoffs. It's amazing that they are within 3 games of the Wild Card right now.

And, for the record, I love the Betemit trade. He can play every single position in the infield (except catcher) - and he's got 25 HR power if he plays 130 games/year. He's only 25 years old, is a switch-hitter, and has an OPS of 116+ this year (I know, you don't know what that means, so look it up). And, for who? Scott Proctor??? His arm is about to fall off - he'll be under the knife before season's end. He's toast!

Very good trade by Cashman.

Congratulations, Theo upgraded at the one spot they needed NO help. They already had the game's best bullpen. Newsflash...Gagne doesn't help their subpar offense and spotty starting pitching. Will they make the playoffs?? Absolutely. But, they're going nowhere.

Carolina Red Sox said...

How can you possibly say they are going nowhere? Playoff baseball is about pitching and defense, and I will take the Sox 1-3 starters(From all accounts Schilling is 100% healthy) against anyone in the American League, except the Tigers. Gagne now makes a playoff game 5, maybe 6 innings, then the ball goes to DelCarmen/Oki, then Gagne, then Paps. Granted the offense is nowhere near where it was in the past, but the Sox don't need 8 hr's/gm to win, and certainly can't count on that to happen night in, night out. I know you're going to throw some fancy stats at me, and that's fine, I really don't have time to look up stats, just wanted to add to the conversation. I think saying the Sox will go "nowhere" is a bold and impulse laden statement. And about Betemit, his versatility will be useless next year when he's playing third the entire after A-Rod bolts that sh*thole known as the Bronx... That is the real reason Cashman made that trade by all accounts I've read.

Chieftain said...

A-Rod will be a Yankee next year. I'll bet my balls on it.

Anonymous said...

You mean your ovaries, don't you?