Monday, June 18, 2007

This Pig Belongs on a Farm

Oink, oink, oink, you disgusting pig. Britney, seriously....why do you insist on showing us how friggin' fat and disgusting you are on a daily basis? You already showed us that your biscuit looks like a punching bag, and that your a$$ could be confused with that of a 98-year-old lady in a nursing home. You are a mess. If this was 1999, maybe I wouldn't mind if your t*ts were hanging out of your moo-moo....but it's 2007, and you make me sick to my stomach. You could walk into any local trucker dive bar, and probably not be the hottest chick there. Put some goddamn clothes on, you skank. And if you have a bajillion dollars, maybe you should just try to hire a personal trainer, or stop eating all together....because I can't take this anymore (unless you're passing out free steamers at Friendly's). Only then would I consider letting you suck me off while I eat my Reese's Friendzy.

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