Friday, June 22, 2007

It's Football Friday...

Jason Taylor is an animal. A beast. All that being said, Taylor is also a smart man -- he sees the writing on the wall. It's clear that he values his health as he follows in "The Rock's" footsteps to Hollywood (sh*t, he contemplated retirement after winning the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year award this past season). It's also very clear that he has stopped caring about what he says and/or doesn't say, as evidenced by the below Sports Illustrated quotes.

On the moment the Dolphins passed on Brady Quinn to take Ted Ginn Jr. in the draft: “I was sick to my stomach. On draft day, I had just played golf with Dan Marino and was doing a radio show in Miami [by cellphone] as I was driving home. Atlanta had just picked, the Dolphins were on the clock, and I said [on the air], ‘Just walk up there and pick Brady Quinn — it’s a no-brainer.’ Right as I pulled up in my driveway, the commissioner got to the podium and kind of paused before he read the name, like even he couldn’t believe it. I was like, Oh, s---, I’m going to look like an idiot.”

Then, a week before the Dolphins completed a June 6th trade with Kansas City for quarterback Trent Green, who missed eight games following a severe concussion last September and turns 37 next month, Taylor tells SI: “This is off-the--record—oh, what the hell, it’s on the record: He’d better not get hit. One big hit, and he could be scrambled eggs.”

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