Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dan Shaughnessy Interview

You think I'm smug?? Then, get a load of Firecrotch's (aka, "Curly Haired Boyfriend") interview with Eagle in Atlanta. After all, the ugliest human in Boston recently penned a book about his own son's high school baseball prowess (or lack thereof). To read in entirety, click below.

The last few questions went as follows...

ATL_eagle: One last question and being a blogger, I have to ask about this. I asked Bob Ryan about blogs and the future of the industry a year ago. He jokingly waived the white flag. Now the guy went out and got his own blog. And you famously mocked Curt Schilling’s blog. What do you see as the future of this new medium and how it effects sports writing and sports coverage?

DS: I think it is nice for everyone to have a voice. Pete Hamel has a quote (and I had him on the radio last week) and he said, “blogging is therapy but it’s not journalism.” And that’s from Pete Hamel. Certainly there’s just no editing process. There’s no vetting of material. I draw a real line at anonymity versus people having their name on there like yourself…I assume you do since I am talking to you.

ATL_eagle: Funny enough, I started off with just a nickname. Then the Atlanta Journal-Constitution featured me in their College Football Preview and I unveiled myself and now I write for AOL too with a byline.

DS: To me, except for the editing process, that’s legit. And that’s where it’s going. I just don’t have a lot of affinity for anonymous tough guys who kill everyone and we don’t know who they are. It’s just too easy. It’s the new crank phone call at that level. But when a name’s on there and they stand behind what they write then I think it’s great.

...Dan, I've got news for you -- the only reason you have a "name" is because you have ignited countless feuds against yourself (the essence of self-promotion). Your writing is sub-par...and your analysis has become non-existent. Admit it - you have an agenda, and you'll backpedal at any cost. Sound right?

If you need to find me, just ask around for Chieftain. Jacka$$.

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Crombinator said...

Wow Chieftain, bringing the journalistic hammer down on CHB. Have to agree with you 100%.