Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pete Prisco Sucks

Pete Prisco is a jacka$$. Scratch that, CBS Sportsline (as a whole) is just awful. It's got to be the least informative sports site out there. They are always a day late and a dollar short. They bring nothing to the table.

Anyways, here is Prisco's annual list of the NFL's Top 50 Players (which he puts zero research into -- it's almost as if these names were drawn from a hat):

Call me crazy, but where is...Adalius Thomas, Brian Westbrook, Brian Dawkins, Nate Clements, Rudi Johnson, Troy Polamalu, Zach Thomas, and Alan Faneca???

Newsflash...DeAngelo Hall sucks. He can't cover a cold via man-to-man. He is all individual substance.

Lee Evans at #36????? Prisco has a hard-on for the most useless position in the game. This must be a joke meant to drive me crazy.

Chad Johnson at #7 overall (he's not even the best WR in the game) and Andre Johnson at #14 overall (whaaaaaaaat??), but Stephen Jackson only checks in at #29?????? I'm dumbfounded.

Tony Gonzalez makes the list, but Shaun Alexander doesn't??? These days, Tony Gonzalez is as productive as Nightmare on a Saturday morning.

It goes without saying that I have many more opinions on this list, but I'll let you guys have at it initially...


Simply Suds said...

Guy, DeAngelo Hall hardly sucks. I agree with everything you're saying...but Atlanta's D is soooooo terrible up front and in the mike backer position....he's left in la la land all the time. He's legit.

Anonymous said...

i think prisco's list sucks. it looks as if he didnt put much effort into analyzing who is actually a really good nfl player. each team has players that are supposed to be their studs, but in all actuality, arent that great. perfect example...asanti samuel. hes not the stud they make him to be, hes a product of the system. hes good, but how the hell is he on the "just missed" list without adalius thomas or zach thomas or shaun alexander? are u kiddin me? chieftain's 100% right. this list is terrible. did anyone notice the logan mankins reference on that list also? in the "just missed" section. is this guy serious..i mean come on pete prisco. mankins is a pretty go pro, but some of the names left off this list should be bullshit that mankins got recognition over them. id be interested to see who chieftain;s top 50 are. hed probably have himself as number one, or alex rodriguez.