Monday, June 18, 2007

Who Is More Worthless?

Julio Lugo vs. Curt Schilling???

Granted, Lugo's numbers are gross (.206, 4 HR, 34 RBI, .271 OBP, .307 SLG), but he does have 34 RBI and 19 stolen bags. While Schilling, if you take out his 1-hitter against Oakland, has let up 15 runs in 23 innings - sporting a sick 5.86 ERA in 4 of his 5 last games. Not to mention, Schilling, the supposed Ace of the staff, can single-handedly lose a game for us (like he did against the Rockies) while Lugo will have countless quiet 0-5 nights. My point is it's a crap shoot every time Schill takes the mound these days.

Let me know your thoughts...


Chieftain said...

Where are all the people that b*tched and moaned about me leaving Schilling off my "Top 25 SP" list??? His splitter sucks right now and he was topping off at 89 MPH!! The 2nd best starter the Red Sox have is Clay Buchholz.

The ONLY good move that Theo has made since '04 is his refusal to re-sign Schilling for an additional year. Maybe now some of you will start to listen to the genius I spew on this blog.

Anonymous said...

julio lugo could die today and i wouldnt care at all.....hes terrible. what is the deal with shortstops coming to boston and getting eaten up by the atmosphere/whatever you want to call it? renteria was good before he came, sucked here, now hes nice again. lugo played for the shitbum d-rays and was pretty solid for the time he was there. alex gonzalez, while very good defensively in boston, didnt hit all that well. he now has 11 homers not even half way thru the season. whatever...f*ck lugo. hes a joke. and schilling looks like he has lost all command on his fastball. sorry curt, but an 88 mph fastball with no movement is nt going to beat anyone nowadays.