Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pierce's New PG

Is it just me or is this two minute video of Paul Pierce and "Mini-Me" an all-time classic (see below link)?

A couple points of significance from this clip...
  • "It's Verne. Next time, now you now." Listen midget, the only reason anybody recognizes you is because of "Mini-Me". Take it for what it is...and cut the crap. I'm tired of watching you drive your scooter around on VH1, continuously stopping everyone that doesn't refer to you as "Verne". You will always be "Mini-Me"...get it?? You're lucky Pierce didn't pick your a$$ up and start dribbling you down street.

  • Mini-Me can drive? How is that safe?? He can't even get into the car without the help of some other terd. Imagine being the guy that assists Mini-Me into his car...does it get any lower??

In other Celtics news, Rotoworld is reporting that "Kevin Garnett essentially vetoed the proposed trade from Minnesota to Boston by saying he didn't want to play for the Celtics". Word is that a trade was agreed to in principle (Al Jefferson, Theo Ratliff's expiring contract, Wally Szczerbiak, Sebastian Telfair, and the #5 overall pick FOR Kevin Garnett and Troy Hudson) before Garnett nixed it. With this news, I wouldn't be surprised if Pierce started chirping his way out any day now.

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SlowStuff said...

Pierce is a pimp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!