Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Who Called It?

Now, the entire crazed internet is clamoring for Rick Ankiel to be called up to the big club. I've got news for Chieftain's world, you are all 3+ weeks late (see the below blog which was posted on May 29th)!

His updated AAA stats currently read as follows:

.286 AVG
19 HR
52 RBI
38 Runs
.923 OPS

Ankiel is now leading the Pacific Coast League is home runs (hit 3 in one game this past weekend), is 5th in the league in RBI's, and has been named to the AAA All-Star squad.

So, why hasn't he been called up yet? Because the Cardinals are out of options on him. Meaning, once the Cardinals promote him, Ankiel will have to pass through waivers in order to return back to the minors.

"We talk about Rick a lot," La Russa said. "Every day he gets four at-bats, he's closer to getting to the majors and staying here."


Chieftain said...

Has anyone read Simmons' article today?? His lottery picks look nearly IDENTICAL to mine. Hence, the reason why I'm always sure to post my picks before I can be accused of "cheating".

As the saying goes, brilliant minds think alike (for the time being, we'll forget about the fact that he likes Durant more so than Oden). I guess the same holds true here.

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with you pal. Get a god damn grip and grow up. You think the 20 readers of this awful site actually care about your picks? So sad...