Monday, June 18, 2007

Deadspin's Interview With Harold Reynolds

As I'm sure you've heard by now, Harold Reynolds recently signed a new 2-year contract with (starting after the All-Star break).

Allow me to take this time to say that "HR" was Baseball Tonight. At times, Baseball Tonight (headlined by the likes of John Kruk, Orestes Destrade, Steve Phillips, and Orel Hershiser...the All-Stiff Team) is now unwatchable. The content of baseball is still intact, but the analysis and programming now sucks! Harold's true worth to ESPN has been overwhelmingly evident this year, as he surely has been missed.

In order to see Deadspin's entire sit-down, follow the jump...

As I was discussing with Orlando this past weekend, The Win Column simply needs to break one story...and we'll be universal. And, don't think I'm not on this (as I'll be on vacation in the coming weeks, I'm seriously considering tracking/stalking Pacman Jones' strip club escapades)!! Just this past Friday, I bombarded my way into Coco Crisp's VIP booth for this sole purpose...sending his "bodyguards" into mass hysteria. After a few seconds of giving him the "urban" handshake and shooting the sh*t with him, I drunkenly came to the realization that I was wasting my time. It was Coco Crisp for Christ's sake! He sucks. I could've landed pictures of him munching on Suds' box...and the world would have still been disinterested. End of rant - just know that I seek results.


Crombinator said...

Wow, the personnel file revealed incidents with five women. Five! Thats not exactly just throwing an obscene comment out across the office. HR's behavior probably resembled that of a creep.

Good work on the Coco front too, maybe next time you should wait in the player's parking lot and see what Eric Hinske has to bring to the table.

Norman P. Orlando said...

great post chieftain. I LOVE HR, and personally think that Baseball Tonight stinks now. By the by, is kruk an asshole??? He is the only guy that hasn't reached out to HR...whats up with that? Without getting more details on the situation its tough to make a judgement on this. Although due to the fact that you DO know, ESPN is friggin' shady and I wish there was an alternative for sports coverage that was as comprehensive b/c i hate ESPN.

Anonymous said...

who gives a shit about harold reynolds? he sounds retarded on the air. tiny little purple lipped bastard. get him the f*ck outta there. good riddance.