Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Brazilians Do It Better

Reported by The Offside...

It has been quite the week for gender equity in the profession of soccer referees. The German futbol association announced that a 28-year-old female cop will be make history by becoming the first professional female referee in the country when she referees Bundesliga 2 games next season.

In equally progressive news...Ana Paula de Oliveira (see above video), a 29-year-old referee in Brazil, will be undressing for an upcoming Playboy spread.

Have I made it clear how much I love Brazil?? Hot referees exist (the term "hot" is assumed once she loses the teenager braces)? I have yet to visit Brazil, but the visions I have of Sao Paulo are incomprehensible. Similar to how Sportspen envisioned he was going to get laid the moment he entered the Rhode Island bar scene this past weekend (at least from the stories I have heard), I picture orgies in the middle of soccer fields. For this sole reason, I may refrain from ever visiting Brazil. Why? Brazil simply cannot live up to the epic expectations I have daydreamed.

Lastly, have we just paid witness to the greatest 18 hour span in WIN COLUMN history? Posts have been flying out at an expotential rate. Spread the good word!

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Chieftain said...

And, yes...all you geeks out there - I realize I spelled "exponential" incorrectly. However, because it's a video, I can't go back and make edits.

Screw you all!