Thursday, June 21, 2007

Crunk Ain't Dead

Kenny Anderson is back!!! That's right, folks...Kenny Anderson is the new coach of the ATLANTA KRUNK (of the CBA, formerly known as the Atlanta Krunk Wolverines). No joke...that's their real team name (top photo is their real logo).

I'm still investigating whether or not white players are allowed on this team. I can't imagine they are.

Whenever I think Kenny Anderson, I immediately think back to the 2001 Super Bowl (Pats - Rams). At the time, I was still in college. A bunch of us went to the Celts early afternoon game (I believe they moved the game to noon), and then all spilled over to The Rack for the Super Bowl. And, to our surprise...almost the entire Celtics roster ending up showing up for the game. What I will never the absolute pig (when I say pig, I'm talking Monique's know, the rhino on BET) that Kenny Anderson was fondling in plain view. If The Win Column were around back then, the entire country would have ran wild with the hypothetical video I would have taken.

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Anonymous said...

Why would you watch BET??