Monday, June 18, 2007

It's Birthday Week....And I Took the Week Off From Work and Life

Some of you might be wondering where 'Suds has been over the past few days, and some of you might not give a damn if I'm even breathing or dead in an alley....but that's all good. I've decided to go on tour after taking the teacher's test on Saturday....which I feel good about. I've pretty much been loaded ever since, and since it's my birthday week, I don't see any reason to slow down. I'm fully moved into a new place, and I had a serious day at the beach today, which I will do all over again tomorrow when I wake up out of my Bud Light hazy fog. This week also celebrates the last week I can technically claim unemployment....unless I am granted an, I figured I'd thank the Local and State government by taking the week completely off of work. All I really feel like doing is drinking beer, throwing horse shoes, fishing, and playing softball. So I guess you can say that my week will pretty much stay the same as any other week for me.

I'd like to mention that there was an insane amount of cliggity clam at the beach today. Tomorrow, I am predicting even more c*nt to be there. That's the beauty of wearing sunglasses. Most girls have no idea that I am giving them serious f*ck-me eyes behind these Hollywood shades. Too damn bad, girls. If you didn't have huge hammers sticking out of those bikinis, and a$$es that wouldn't quit, I wouldn't bother thinking creepy thoughts about you. But you do, and, thus, I do.

Thank you to all you tax paying degenerate losers for supporting me over the past 7 months as I looked for work and worked cash jobs to make more money than most of you jerks per week. Who would have thought that the Liberals would have developed such a great system!

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