Friday, April 20, 2007

A Rivalry Renewed

Because I have Dave Matthews blaring loud enough to make my 91 year old neighbor keel over and die....I'd like to get re-focused on my favorite 19 games of the year -- whenever the Red Sox play those ankle grabbin' pooh jabbahs from the Boogie Down Bronx. I know AROD is having a ridiculous year....good for him. I'm sure Chieftain will bore us with stats and I love AROD propaganda....but Simply Suds is a man of the people....and those people think that AROD is still a lip gloss wearing, prancing nancy choke artist. Wow, AROD is having a great April....say that sentence's F'n April. As in, the first 3 weeks of the, I really don't give a damn. When he's bootin' balls and throwin' up 0-fers in September/October....then we'll all breathe a sigh of relief as he smacks his lips in disgust at third base. I'd be willing to bet the only 3rd base he plays is with Melky Cabrera....they both look like they'd get weird with each other.

So tonight, it's Big Schill vs. Andy Pettitte. Call me crazy, but Pettitte's stuff just doesn't impress me. I know the Red Sox traditionally have trouble with decent lefty pitching....but, I have to think in the atmosphere around the park tonight, the Sox smack Pettitte around early and often. No way Schilling lets the boys down tonight. Plus, we have to remember that Manny is about to go on one of his tears and even out his numbers for April.....I bet he can't wait for that 88 MPH inside fastball that he's going to crush all the way to Tequila Rain. Get it done tonight fellas, and set the tone for the weekend. We have our 3 studs pitching, while the Yankees "studs" are at home nursing their vag's back to good health. Yankees suck.

Paid for by the committee to elect Alex Cora as the Boston Red Sox every day 2nd baseman.

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about damn time there was a good blog on this site. fuck the yankees