Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Fantasy Team Killer

Alfonso Soriano really chaps my a$$. After selecting him with the 9th pick of one of my drafts....I was certain I had the steal of the draft....a 5-tool player who would anchor my lineup and score a $hitload of points....well....that was just not correct. Soriano through today has ZERO home runs....one stolen base, and one RBI. That's heinous. I seriously think that the guy that won the wheelchair portion of the Boston Marathon yesterday could have better numbers than this scrub.

And, just when I thought that things couldn't get any worse......pop goes the hammy. Do these guys stretch or what? Everyone has blown out their hammy already......what a bunch of sally's. In his defense Soriano said, "Yes, I don't like to get hurt," when asked if he's worried. "I know that I'm not going to be able to play tomorrow, so it's sad for me because ... I like to play every day. We'll see how I look tomorrow." Wow....you might as well just go back to the Dominican Republic, buddy. I am sick of looking at your ugly mug putting up 0-4's with a caught stealing. You're a stiff. You got paid, and now you're just walking around Chicago with your pants unbuttoned. Did I mention you are just an awful ugly bastard?

Go hang out with Pedro under the mango trees and come back when you're ready to contribute.

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