Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Work is for the Birds

This morning, I take my first step back into the working ring since November 11th. I plan on landscaping for 8 hours today in the freezing cold drizzle - and, hopefully, I don't catch SARS or any other of the viruses you all wish I catch.

So F all of you, 'cause me and all my brothers above are going to scape the hell out of some land - and, hopefully, wolf down about 56 steak 'n cheese subs for lunch. Keep talkin'....and I'll even throw an egg 'n cheese on a sesame bagel down my fat throat before I even hit the job site....hell, I might even swallow it whole.

See you in the trenches, fellow workers. Enjoy your miserable, worthless days that you call your lives.

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