Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Consider Me Irked

While I'm home packing for my upcoming week of pleasure in Vegas, I've obviously had more time to channel surf than usual. Truth be told, my time home today has been quite uneventful - as I've continuously flipped between ESPN, CNN, MTV, HBO, TBS (Steve Harvey Show is supremely underrated), and back to ESPN (over-and-over-and-over).

Anyways, how the hell is John Clayton an NFL analyst?? Not only does he define the term, "having a face for radio"...but, there's no way he's ever put a pad on (at any level). Secondly, my research tells me that his real name is Johan Clayton. Whaaaaat?? Name one other Caucasian American with the name Johan. You can't.

For years, I have wondered how "The Professor" slipped through the cracks...and landed himself a primetime gig at ESPN. I always figured that he must have dominated his internships, all while cruising through the Ivy League school of his choice. But no...he attended Duquesne University! Don't get me wrong...this is no knock on Duquesne, for it may very well be a reputable institution. However, my main point is that the ONLY way a mug like Clayton's should ever see the light of day is if he somehow earned enough money to one day purchase his own television channel. Johan Clayton is a walking corpse for crying out loud!

Carry on...

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