Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fighting Puke This Lovely Morning

Alright, so maybe someone had to drive my car home from the concert last night....I don't really see any problem with this. One, I was obviously I shouldn't be driving....and two, I just saw one of the greatest concerts I've ever seen in my life. Oh and three.....getting text messages from all you mutts with live updates and scores regarding the Sox beating the choke artist Yankees.....much love for that.

So rather than write a post about my concert, or the Sox/Yanks game....I'm just gonna go vomit excessively, then drive 13 seconds down the road in a cold sweat to get off on a mocha madness iced coffee from Honey Dew. Hopefully the girl serving me the coffee will be of legal age, and won't mind that today I feel like driving my car with no pants on.

Lock of the Day (1-0): Minnesota Twins (-125) at the KC Royals. Boof Bonser's a stud, get on the Boof Bandwagon, and ride it until you go limp.

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