Friday, April 20, 2007

Eat Your Hat or Your Friggin Hippy Albums

Dude, if there is one thing that this blog needs to's that Simply Suds does not lie. Those of you that know me....go to my myspace page and look at the girls that left comments about being at my house 2 nights ago.....oh, and guess what faggots....tonight fact....they are still here. Why am I typing this when there is absolute smoke shows upstairs????? 'Cuz I can, you worthless pieces of crap. There's a new Sheriff in town. And "Diesel" I said....look that up on myspace. And then for the world and all the hippies that haven't washed their grundle since Phish stopped touring......suck my balls.....Mr. Garrison.

You lose. Simply Suds wins.

It's not my fault these girls are this's just not. Sucka.


chuck-diesel said...

ehhhhhh, check my myspace page, check my myspace page. act your age pal. I never thought your talents would decline to the point where you are citing your friggin myspace page to win an far we have fallen. by the way for those of you keeping count at home

diesel = 2
suds = -1

Anonymous said...

chuck diesel you hit the nail on the head my friend...simply suds has become a homo overnite...after we check his myspace page maybe can go skating at the rink and hold hands with our girlfriends. ur 25 buddy....chug a beer, jerk off, and watch sports u fag