Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Over the Top

Some fight for money... Some fight for glory... He's fighting for his son's love. Lincoln Hawk is an absolute monster in this film. Look at that goddamn grip for fu*ks sake. Stallone would crush a toddler's binky if he had the opportunity. Sammy Hagar rocks the movie with countless tracks that make me wanna smear $hit on my baby face cheeks. What an American classic. Nothing says you have absolute seeds in your drawers more than arm wrestling. It's like being at my middle school Olympics again and seeing two huge beasts battle each other for the gold medal. At that time, I was probably so stoned that I had no idea that some girl across the gym wanted to be the mother of my children. All I cared about was that overhand grip, sticky green, and who I was going to tongue behind the skating rink bleachers. Beware of the kiss bomb....'cuz when I hear that zamboni's engine rev up.....you're gettin the "pat."

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