Friday, April 20, 2007

Harness the Good, Block the Bad

I'm a firm believer in the game of baseball....America's pastime. There is a certain decor that the game is played with...that I just love. Some of the same principles of 1900 are applied to today's game...and I love the way that teammates are still willing to protect each other with "unwritten" rules of the game.

Can we rewind to Thursday's dramatic win over the Blue Jays? Sure, I wasn't working and I was watching the game at 3 crap, pal. But seriously...what happened in the 8th and 9th innings was some of the most exciting Red Sox baseball that I've seen in almost a year....or, at least since Big Papi owned Faustano Carmona and the Indians at Fenway last summer.

Very quickly, I'd like to mention the mammoth shot that Manny hit to tie the game. I mean....what an unbelievable clutch hit...and it was about time. Manny was due...Manny saw the ball...Manny hit the ball....and he'll do it 40 more times just like that.

Now....lets move on...'cuz there is something very important here. With 1 out and runners on 1st and 3rd...a ground ball to Timlin....he throws to Cora at second, who turns the game-changing double play. Unreal play. Cora was perfect. But you know what...what happens during this play still makes me want to fight the next teenager to drive down my street with his base box blaring. Lyle Overbay is clearly going to be out at 2nd...but what does he do? A classy ballplayer follows the rules and gets out of the way....but Lyle decides it would be ok to just run 5 feet out of the basepath and try and take out Alex Cora's knee. Like, real hard. He tried to ruin Cora's career with one homosexual slide. It was malicious, it was disgusting, and I think that if I were Alex Cora, I would have beaten the absolute cock snot out of Lyle Overbay. It's a complete horse$hit play, from a bush league player. What goes around comes around Lyle. Your name is friggin; weak, too, pal. Go compose a country song and stuff a sock in your drawers to make up for your 4 incher.

Cora was visibly heated....thus, he had to be calmed down by Terry Francona prior to his next at bat. But with Lugo (pinch running) on first....Cora channeled his anger and determination and absolutely drilled a triple to left center. Upon his arrival at 3rd base, he still had to be calmed down by DeMarco Hale. Cora was still furious at Overbay, and it is soooooooo justfied. Dirty plays like that, have no place in a game like Baseball.

Hey Alex....if I wasn't blacked out right now...I'd cheers to you buddy. But right now, I'm fighting the puke monster, and he's winning......big time. But I'll tell you showed me a lot today. I really felt your pain on that bush league slide, because I consider myself a pretty decently knowledgable fan of the game. You overcame that, and you got the Sox a ridiculously important win....and everyone saw what you did. You're a hero today...and I hope you get a spot in the starting lineup this weekend against the New York Queers. I respect you a whole hell of a lot. I hope you got laid tonight....and I hope you popped 6 Viagra and got it done in Toronto until the glow sticks went out.

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