Monday, April 16, 2007

Update II: Virginia Tech Shooting

According to unconfirmed rumors via The Reference Frame, today's killer was a 6-foot tall male Asian student between 20 and 25 years old from Radford University whose girlfriend from Virginia Tech dumped him two weeks ago. He had two guns (at least one of which was a 9 mm caliber handgun) and wore a vest (likely a bulletproof vest) -- with ample ammunition as well as a maroon cap and a black leather jacket.

In the morning around 7:15 AM, he went to her dormitory at the fourth floor of the West Ambler Johnston Hall. She was not there, so he shot her roommate and the Residential Assistant. Virginia Tech officials didn't shut down the university, so he continued to search for the ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend in the engineering classrooms of the Norris Hall (see 2nd picture above) - a few hours later. He didn't know the exact location, so he visited a few classrooms and lined up all students against a wall. The worst massacre took place at 9:50 AM in Room 200 where the students were learning German 2105. The killer shot them one by one. And yes, the professor, Jamie Bishop, died first. Finally, the calm animal killed himself by a shot into his head once he was cornered.

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