Tuesday, April 17, 2007

NBA Ref Given a Technical

Joey Crawford has officiated in over 2,000 NBA games spanning an amazing 29 seasons. However, today he was given a season ending suspension for his actions towards Spurs center Tim Duncan over the weekend. Duncan was given his second T of the game after laughing on the bench at one of Crawford's calls....which seems about right to me. However, not only did he give Duncan (who's about as emotional as a person in a vegetative state) the boot....he looked Timmy D right in the eye, and asked him twice "Do you want to fight?"

Ummmm....huh? Dude, you're about 5'5" with old wrinkly balls. It's not like you're giving a technical to Rasheed Wallace or some other friggin' punk....we're talking about Tim Duncan.....possibly the role model for how a professional basketball player should carry themselves. Imagine if he had proposed a fight to Sheed, or Ron Artest? This old bastard would have been choked out and had a heart attack in about 10 seconds. I honestly think Tim Duncan should have punched this loser in his fat head. The last thing we need is officials joining the NBA players to show each other who's got the bigger jock. T the guy up if you want, but show a little class. You're lucky you didn't break your hip, old man. In fact, you're a jerkoff. You look like a smug prick to me, and I'd probably mouth off to you in a game situation, too. It's not my fault you need to pop Viagra to get it on with your elderly wife. Life sucks buddy, people get old....deal with it.

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