Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Guys Gone Wussy

Joe Francis is a complete boob job. This guy founded Mantra Films Inc., which produces the famous GIRLS GONE WILD films which earn an estimated $100 million in net profit every year. He has private jets, and stupid amounts of cash.....more money than I could ever ask for. But this guy is behind bars....instead of laying on a Cabo beach surrounded by 45 beautiful babes. Apparently he thought it would be ok to drug and rape women for his videos and self-amusement. Dude, you're a complete scumbag.....you can't get chicks with all that money you have? That's ridiculous. Switch lives with me for one week and I'd be frolicking on a beach in the Caribbean with Jessica Alba during the day, and hittin' the clubs with Emmanuelle Chriqui at night. Seriously though, it's little bitchezzz like this that make me furious.

Now that it's taken me some time to get to my point, due to the tangent I just went on....I'd like to announce that this sissy boy recently cried to his mommy from behind bars. Waaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaa.....I didn't do it mommy....waaaaaaaaa......get my blanky so I can go nunn-night. Unfortunately, I've had the pleasure of spending a few nights in the clink myself.....but, I can assure you the only complaining I did was due to the fact that my Dad crushed my forehead with his bear claws in my cell, all while my hands were still cuffed behind my back. I didn't cry. There's no crying in jail....unless Bubba tells you to bend over in the shower....then, by all means cry like you just had your lunch money stolen.

Joey Boy....you're gonna be behind bars until your lawyers use your bajillion dollars to get you out. So why don't you save the tissues and all the antics, and spare what tiny amount of dignity a raping scumbag like you has. Just remember, don't drop the soap....or you'll find out why you never made a movie like "Inmates Gone Wild."

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