Monday, June 4, 2007

Phillip Wellman Should Report to Yankee Stadium Immediately

In case you haven't seen this riddiculous clip yet, I'm still laughing. Phillip Wellman coaches the AA Mississippi Braves....and over the weekend...he lost his friggin marbles after not getting a strike call. And when I mean he flips his goddamn lid...I'm talking this guy should probably rip off his shirt, chug a Bud Light, and take a bow for America. This guy is an absolute riot. This guy barrel crawled to the mound like it was Vietnam and threw a rosen bag as a grenade. That's phenomenal. Had that been a real grenade, that umpire would have been blown all over the first three rows like a member of the Vietcong. So here's to you Phil. I'm not sure if I've ever seen such a long tirade by a manager that involved ripping out the bases and walking off the field with them. This guy should be instantly promoted and glorified. If MLB thinks "Sweet Lou" Pinella is a mess....let's get Phil into Yankee stadium and see what he does after the Yankees continue their abortion of a season.

Someone get this guy a cold brew, a hooker, some Viagra, and let him float naked down the Mississippi River like Huck Finn while thousands of inbreds flock to the shore to celebrate his performance.

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