Sunday, August 5, 2007

Local MLB Musings

By now, you've all at least heard about Baseball America's recent "Best Tools" compilation. The results were based strictly upon a survey amongst all MLB managers.

  • 2nd "Best hitter" in AL: Derek Jeter
  • "Best power" in AL: Alex Rodriguez
  • 2nd "Best strike-zone judgment" in AL: Bobby Abreu
  • 2nd "Best hit-and-run artist" in AL: Derek Jeter
  • 3rd "Best baserunner" in AL: Derek Jeter
  • 3rd "Best pitcher" in AL: Josh Beckett
  • "Best curveball" in AL: Josh Beckett
  • 3rd "Best changeup" in AL: Daisuke Matsuzaka
  • "Best pickoff move" in AL: Andy Pettitte
  • "Best reliever" in AL: Jonathan Papelbon
  • 3rd "Best reliever" in AL: Mariano Rivera
  • 3rd "Best defensive catcher" in AL: Jason Varitek
  • 3rd "Best defensive third baseman" in AL: Mike Lowell
  • "Best defensive shortstop" in AL: Derek Jeter

Other than the clear notion that Derek Jeter is a demi-god in every aspect of life, what else to I take away from this?

...That there is a reason why Baseball America is my favorite website on the net. For any "true" baseball fan, Baseball America should be daily reading, as it covers baseball at every level (high school, college, Japan, the minors, and the majors). Money well spent.

To see where other respective AL and NL players ranked accordingly, see the below links...

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