Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Silent Game

Now I know this video is a little long.... ok its really long but for some reason I find it absolutely amusing as will most others that have been unfortunate enough to experience the game. If you dont have time to watch the whole thing just jump to the time of 6:21 (by far best part). This japanese verison is obviously different then the one we use to play back in the day however it still brings back some funny memories. Let me explain....

A few of us here at The Win Column were unfortunate enough to grow up with one another and in high school most of us had the same study class. Study class, A.K.A doing absolutely nothing for an hour, was a good time right up until our senior year. You could hang out, chat, play table football, whatever. But our senior year that all changed. At the beginning of our senior year the school introduced "silent study" this meant from now on there was no talking or f*cking around during study and because of this "The Silent Game" was introduced.

The rules were as follows:

1. Prior to each start of the game a dare would be put into place
2. Anything is legal in trying to make the other players laugh
3. There is no talking or noise making (1st one to make any sound what-so-ever was the loser)
4. Loser has to complete the dare as soon as they lose regardless of what it is.

Seems pretty simple right? Well this game pretty much got out of control and so did some of the dares, some of which included stripping in front of the teacher (who was a 65 yr old smug woman), screaming at the top of your lungs "I love men", peeing in the corner of the room (smitty) and shirtless jump-n-jacks. Needless to say this video brings back some real funny times.

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