Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Raiders vs. Chargers Fans Fight

Is this the worst group fight you've ever seen?

Only one punch landed (and that came with 2 seconds remaining in the clip) -- the guy in the white LT #21 jersey is getting hit in the side (in the background of the main footage).

One of the first rules in life...if you're going to fight, you better damn well make sure it's worth it. Everybody has a camera in their pocket nowadays. Everyone in this video comes across as fairies. It's as if nobody wanted it. Once you commit to the act, there is no stopping. You may as well get your money's worth! After all, the crime/punishment isn't all of a sudden going to become less than what it was once you decided to join in on the fiasco. Once you throw a punch, it no longer matters how much of a pu$$y you may or may not be...from there on forward, the punishment is going to be the same.

The funniest part of this video are the comments left via the YouTube message board. It's 100% banter between Raiders and Chargers fans about whose a$$ got handed to whom. Are you kidding me??? I could find tougher guys hanging around the local roller skating rink. Going forward, I've lost all respect for both of these franchise's fanbases.

By no means am I advocating fighting (those days are behind me) -- all I'm saying is that once you do throw a punch, you're better off finishing the job.

* Video was seen on KISSING SUZY KOLBER


Anonymous said...

That guy in the Gates jersey lands an ok punch with 14 seconds left, and the guy falls. This isn't that bad of a group fight, as it's caught on camera at a game in front of tens of thousands.

Chieftain said...

I'm almost positive that Gates completely swings and misses.

The guy in the black cut-off then falls down, by way of dragging the guy in the white LT jersey (this guy has clearly never fought before) into the seats.