Friday, August 10, 2007

Romeo Crennel Remains In Over His Head

Rotoworld is reporting that "Browns head coach Romeo Crennel says a coin flip between Derek Anderson and Charlie Frye will determine the team’s starting quarterback for Saturday’s exhibition opener."

Is Romeo Crennel serious with this tactic? This is not college. I mean, I now know why Crennel has done absolutely nothing since leaving New England. He's been an utter bust. Such a decision is directly indicative of a 10-22 career record (as head coach). The two leading roles on a professional football team should always be the head coach and the team's quarterback. Clearly, Cleveland doesn't have either one of these roles figured out.

Quite frankly, I don't care if neither Charlie Frye nor Derek Anderson has outperformed one or the other to date. As head coach, Crennel's job is to put his quarterbacks in a position in which they can succeed. Athletes are creatures of habit. This is not rocket science. For all intents and purposes, it doesn't matter who starts the preseason opener. What does matter is that the team is all on the same page -- all successful teams have defined roles, even if those change from game-to-game. Imagine if Bill Belichick started "flipping coins" in 2001...Bledsoe as 'heads' and Brady as 'tails'??? This is crazy talk!

It's painfully obvious that the job is wide open. Crennel wants to see how they "react in surprise situations"??? Hellooooo, what is practice for...what are two-a-days for? The that a team is PREPARED for all situations -- a team that is SURPRISED with certain situations is a team that goes, well, 10-22 in the past two seasons!

** Odd fact of the day: Romeo's father, Joseph, is an avid William Shakespeare fan. Hence, the name "Romeo". One of Romeo's sisters name? None other than "Juliet". If you ask me, I'm creeped out by the Crennel's.


RhodyTrojan said...

Don't worry this guy is on on the way:

Norman P. Orlando said...

Yo Chieftain....not to be a stickler, but I believe the phrase goes "for all intents and purposes" not "intensive purposes". You daily does of colloquialisms has been brought to you by Norman

Chieftain said...

Thanks, Mr. Ellis.

Has since been updated.

Norman's Deputy said...

also, when adding and 's' to the end of a word to make it plural (i.e. one cat, two cats, one bird, two birds), you are not supposed to add an apostrophe. adding an apostrophe denotes possession. your sentence should read, "I'm creeped out by the CRENNELs," not the "Crennel's."

Nightmare and Steina, take heed as well.

The Commodore said...

I just dropped a romeo crennel in the toilet!

Norman P. Orlando said...

Thank you Deputy...finally someone that gets me