Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ode to Prague Chicks

As Sportspen decends on Prague this weekend, I thought I would check out what exactly I am getting myself into. The video is just some hot tennis player from the republic and the pics are from the VIP section of some club. If you dont think my american dollars are getting into VIP every weekend you are friggen crazy. (those fat chicks in the back of the top picture are tourists I hope).


I've Been There, And... WOW said...

this ain't a knock on your post, but let me say that you've posted pics of the ugliest chicks in the whole damn city. i've never in my days seen a place with more BLAZING chicks than Prague. Picture the finest model chicks in the world (but healthy looking, not Kate Moss-skinny), dressed to the nines at all times, standing at least 5'9" running around at all hours of the day. each girl walking down the street beats the last. your head's gonna explode, buddy (each of them, if your game's right).

Can you say New Year's 08 in Prague!?! Readers of THE WIN COLUMN, unite!

Norman P. Orlando said...

The Prague New Years '08 campaign officially starts today....start saving your pennies

Anonymous said...

shave your ass